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Serpent Trench

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Serpent Trench
Serpent Trench.png
The Serpent Trench in the original Super Nintendo version of Final Fantasy VI
Hebi no michi
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy VI
Type Cave
Unique item(s) X-Potion
Green Beret

The Serpent Trench is an underwater current that flows from Mobliz to Nikeah in Final Fantasy VI. In the World of Ruin, the location has dried up into a mere strip of land on the world map, making the Serpent Trench an unrevisitable location.


The place is only accessed during Sabin's scenario. When he, Cyan, and Gau reach the other end of Crescent Mountain Cave, Gau unearths a diving helmet. The party decides to take it with them so that they may breathe underwater. They take an exit straight ahead, which leads out to a cliff above the Serpent Trench. Cyan comments on how fast its currents are flowing, but Sabin says that they must jump into it because there is no other way for them to reunite with the others on time. The three of them swim down the Serpent Trench, where they encounter some enemies along the way, and are eventually taken to a port in Nikeah.


The Serpent Trench is a dark and mostly empty location. The sea floor is covered in sand and rocky terrain. In the original Super Nintendo release, the entire area is rendered in Mode 7. The characters are automatically taken along a set path, although there are two instances in which a large left arrow and right arrow appear on screen, allowing the player to decide whether the party takes the left or the right path. Both paths lead up to the port in Nikeah, although both times the right path leads the party into a short cave with an item. The first cave has an X-Potion, and the second cave has a Green Beret.


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