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Phantom Train

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Phantom Train
Phantom Train FF6 SNES sprite.png
Phantom Train's sprite in Final Fantasy VI's Super Nintendo Entertainment System version

Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy remakes (starting with GBA)
Inhabitants Ghosts
Unique area(s) Cabooses
Unique item(s) Phoenix Down, Hyper Wrist, Sniper Sight, Ghost merchant (shop)

The Phantom Train is an old, haunted train that appears in several Final Fantasy games. It first appears in Final Fantasy VI as both a location and a boss. In each of its appearances, the Phantom Train is both rusted and dark brown, which indicates its old age.


Final Fantasy VI[edit]

Sabin on the Phantom Train in Final Fantasy VI's iOS release

In Final Fantasy VI, the Phantom Train, originally known as GhostTrain in the Super Nintendo version, is a vehicle that carries the dead to the afterlife.

As Sabin and his party travel through the Phantom Forest, they come across the Phantom Train. The party go on board to check if there are any Doma Castle survivors inside, although they get locked inside. The Phantom Train starts to move, so the party search around for a way to stop the train. Because they have entered from the conductor's room, the party has to make their way to the front. The party encounters several ghosts along the way, many of which have varying behavior; some ghosts are enemies, some are temporary party members, and some of them are item sellers.

When the party reaches the train's cab, they flip two switches and another on the smokestack, only to discover that the Phantom Train is sentient. After a boss battle, the Phantom Train stops back at the train station, and the party goes off the Phantom Train. Cyan is very upset from witnessing his dead wife and son, Elayne and Owain, go onto the Phantom Train along with the others who had died in Doma Castle. The Phantom Train is not seen again.

Final Fantasy remakes[edit]

In the Final Fantasy remakes, starting with Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls, the Phantom Train appears as a boss, and is fought on floor B30 of Whisperwind Cove. It is a lot more powerful than in Final Fantasy VI. Prior to the Warriors of Light's arrival, the Phantom Train cast a spell on all of Whisperwind Cove's villagers by either turning them into a zombie or petrifying them into stone. Once the Warriors of Light destroy the Phantom Train, the inhabitants are restored to normal.


In Final Fantasy VI, the Phantom Train has ten cabooses connected to it; the farthest one has the Conductor inside, along with his room, the fifth through ninth ones have passenger seats, the fourth one is the dining room, the second and third ones each have two private seating compartments, and the first one only consists of a Save Point. The first compartment of the second caboose has four treasure chests stacked horizontally, and the second compartment of the third caboose has one treasure chest, although opening it triggers a fight against Sigfried. On the outside, some cabooses can be walked across, and some have one or two ladders which the party to climb up to reach the rooftop.

The cab of the train itself has three switches and another near the train's smokestack; flipping the first and third switches and then the switch near the smokestack stops the Phantom Train from moving.


In Final Fantasy VI, the party encounters enemies both inside and outside of the Phantom Train:


Treasure chests[edit]

Sixth caboose
Ninth caboose

Ghost merchant[edit]

Item Gil
Potion 50 gil
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Green Cherry 150 gil
Sleeping Bag 500 gil
Shuriken 30 gil


Boss battle in Final Fantasy VI's Super Nintendo version

Final Fantasy VI[edit]

Throughout the boss battle, the Phantom Train quickly chases the party members on a railroad from behind as they quickly run from it. To reflect this, the background moves quickly. Because it is an undead enemy, the party can instantly defeat the Phantom Train by using a Phoenix Down on it. It can use three attacks: Diabolical Whistle, Acid Rain, and Saintly Beam.

Final Fantasy VI stats
Level HP MP Attack Defense Evasion Magic Magic Defense Magic Evasion Gil EXP Type
14 1,900 350 10 30 0 5 210 0 0 0 Undead
Steal Drops
None Tent
Immune to Weakness Absorbs Immunity
None Holy, Fire, Ice Poison Darkness, Poison, Imp, Silence,
Petrify, Berserk, Confusion, Sleep, Slow, Stop

Final Fantasy remakes[edit]

Boss fight against the Phantom Train in Final Fantasy's PlayStation Portable remake

Unlike Final Fantasy VI, the Phantom Train appears at the left side of the screen rather than the right. It can no longer be defeated by a Phoenix Down, and is no longer invulnerable to Ice attacks.

# Enemy name
HP 9,999 Attack 200 Accuracy 50 Defense 80
Agility 30 Intelligence 40 Evasion 0 Magic Defense 180
Spells Acid Rain Weakness Fire, Dia Resistance Death, Poison, Quake, Stone, Time Type N/A
Gil 0 EXP 0 Treasure Megalixir

Bestiary navigation[edit]

Tunnel Armor | Phantom Train (#284) | Rhizopas

Tunnel Armor | Phantom Train (#030) | Hell's Rider

Orthros | Phantom Train (#144) | Death Gaze


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