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Umaro FF6 artwork.jpg
Artwork of Umaro in Final Fantasy VI
Date of birth September 9
Hometown Narshe area
Age 4
Job class Berserker
Gender Male
Height 6'10" (2.08 m)
Weight 436 lb (198 kg)
Species Yeti
Weapon(s) Bone Club
Affiliation Returners
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Umaro is a yeti and a party member in Final Fantasy VI. He is encountered as the second hidden party member. Umaro lives in the Narshe Mines, but cannot be recruited as a party member until the World of Ruin. Even so, Umaro has to be defeated in a battle and only listens to Mog. Of the entire cast, Umaro has the least backstory and character development — he has no plot events and can barely speak.

Game appearances[edit]

Final Fantasy VI[edit]

In the World of Balance, references to Umaro are made by citizens of Narshe with dubious sobriety. Umaro can be seen peering out of a cave above the entrance to Narshe's mine shafts.

Umaro is different from the other characters in the fact that he cannot use magic, Espers or any weapons or armor (other than the Bone Club and Snow Muffler, which he starts out with). In addition, the player has no control over Umaro in battle. Initially, he will automatically attack by throwing himself at the enemies. Once equipped with the Rage Rage Ring, he will also pick up and throw other party members at enemies, causing more damage to the enemy (and none to the party members). Precedence goes to characters who are Asleep or Muddled (and such effects will be removed). Lastly, if he is equipped with the Blizzard Orb relic, he will also perform an attack using Cold Breath, similar to a magic attack, that affects all enemies on the screen with ice-elemental. Like Gogo, Umaro cannot be equipped with Espers or learn magic; there would be no way for him to use it even if he could.

Since the player has no direct control of Umaro's actions, fighting with him can be very unpredictable, but usually with favorable results considering his enormous strength.


Umaro has no selectable special abilities. The player can only give him more options via equipping his special relics, the Rage Ring and the Blizzard Orb.

Umaro is the only character that can use physical attacks in the Cultists' Tower, where all abilities besides magic are disabled.

Umaro is also uniquely affected by the Green Cherry, causing the Berserk status and also greatly increases the damage he can do. This can only be done when fighting against him for the first time.