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Tzen FF6 SNES Map.png
Map in the Super Nintendo version
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy VI
Type Town
Greater location Southern Continent
Unique area(s) Crumbling House
Unique item(s) Magicite (Seraph)

Tzen is a basic town that appears in Final Fantasy VI. It is located at the north end of the Southern Continent. It was a monarchy before it was overthrown by the Gestahlian Empire.

In the World of Ruin, Celes arrives at Tzen just before it is struck by Kefka's Light of Judgement. It strikes the largest building, the Crumbling House, which a child is trapped inside of. Celes finds Sabin holding up the house and then rushes inside to go rescue the child. She has only five minutes to find the child because Sabin can only hold up the Crumbling House for that long. After Celes comes out with the child, Sabin rejoins her.

Besides the Crumbling House, the only treasure found in Tzen is a magicite containing Seraph. It is sold by a man in the woods to the north. In the World of Balance, it costs only 3,000 gil, although in the World of Ruin, it is at a much lower price of 10 gil.

Enemies surrounding Tzen[edit]

Sprite Name Environment(s)
Bug Desert
Don Plains, Forest
Fossil Dragon Desert
Grasswyrm Plains
Joker Plains
Litwor Chicken Forest
Wyvern Plains, Forest
Sprite Name Environments
Black Dragon Desert
Fafnir Plains, Forests
Gigantoad Wastelands
Killer Mantis Plains, Forests
Land Ray Deserts
Luna Wolf Wastelands
Murussu Wastelands
Peeper Deserts


  • Don, Wyverns x2 (5/16 chance)
  • Dons x2 (5/16 chance)
  • Grasswyrms x3 (6/16 chance)
  • Litwor Chicken (6/16 chance)
  • Don, Wyvern, Litwor Chicken x2 (10/16 chance)
  • Bugs x6 (1/16 chance)
  • Bugs x3 (5/16 chance)
  • Fossil Dragon, Bugs x3 (5/16 chance)
  • Fossil Dragon x2 (5/16 chance)
  • Murussu, Gigantoads x2 (6/16 chance)
  • Luna Wolves x2 (10/16 chance)
  • Killer Mantis, Fafnir (6/16 chance)
  • Fafnirs x2 (10/16 chance)
  • Killer Mantises x2, Fafnir (6/16 chance)
  • Fafnirs x4 (10/16 chance)
  • Black Dragon (6/16 chance)
  • Land Ray, Peepers x2 (10/16 chance)


Item Shop[edit]

Item Price
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Ether 1,500 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil
Eyedrops 50 gil
Echo Screen 120 gil
Green Cherry 150 gil
Holy Water 300 gil
Tent 1,200 gil
Item Price
Hi-Potion 300 gil
Ether 1,500 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil
Echo Screen 120 gil
Green Cherry 150 gil
Holy Water 300 gil
Sleeping Bag 500 gil
Super Ball 10,000 gil

Weapon Shop[edit]

Weapon Price
Air Knife 950 gil
Bastard Sword 3,000 gil
Moonring Blade 2,500 gil
Boomerang 4,500 gil
Weapon Price
Flametongue 7,000 gil
Icebrand 7,000 gil
Thunderblade 7,000 gil
Kaiser Knuckle 1,000 gil
Venom Claws 2,500 gil
Burning Fist 10,000 gil

Armor Shop[edit]

Armor Price
Mythril Helm 2,000 gil
Priest's Miter 3,000 gil
Ninja Gear 1,100 gil
Mythril Vest 1,200 gil
White Dress 2,200 gil
Armor Price
Gold Shield 2,500 gil
Tiger Mask 2,500 gil
Beret 3,500 gil
Gold Helmet 4,000 gil
Power Sash 5,000 gil
Gold Armor 10,000 gil

Relic Shop[edit]

Relic Price
Amulet 5,000 gil
Black Belt 5,000 gil
Earrings 5,000 gil
Hermes Sandals 7,000 gil
Relic Price
Jeweled Ring 1,000 gil
Peace Ring 3,000 gil
Thief's Bracer 3,000 gil
Sniper Eye 3,000 gil
Amulet 5,000 gil
Black Belt 5,000 gil
Alarm Earring 7,000 gil
Dragoon Boots 9,000 gil