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Shiva is an ice elemental summon, taking the form of a humanoid female. She first appears in Final Fantasy III. Shiva's main attack is Diamond Dust, which damages all enemies with ice-based magic. She is named after the Hindu god, Shiva.

Shiva's basic physical characteristics are that of a willowy human female with extremely pale skin and long, blue hair to invoke an image of ice and cold. This image is reinforced in later summon sequences by the addition of arctic winds, freezing temperatures and large ice crystal formations. Despite the cold, Shiva is usually depicted as scantily clad, wearing boots and other minor aesthetic pieces. Later games allow Shiva to carry out physical attacks in the form of kicks and punches.


Final Fantasy series[edit]

Final Fantasy III[edit]

In Final Fantasy III, Shiva can be summoned by Evokers, Summoners. and Sages. Her summon spell is purchased in Replito.

Final Fantasy IV[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV, Shiva appears as a summon for Rydia after she rejoins the group in the Underworld.

Final Fantasy V[edit]

Shiva appears as a Level 2 summon, optionally obtained after defeating her in the Castle Walse water tower on Bartz's World.

Final Fantasy VI[edit]

In Final Fantasy VI, Shiva appears as an Esper. She is first encountered by the Returners in the Magitek Research Facility in Vector. After being drained of her power, she and Ifrit are disposed of by Kefka in a waste chute. Believing they mean the two Espers harm, Ifrit attacks the group. Shiva soon senses Ramuh's power within them, and the battle ends. She and Ifrit then turn into Magicite and grant their abilities to the Returners.

Final Fantasy VII[edit]

In Final Fantasy VII, Shiva materia is obtained on the beach of lower Junon once the party defeats Bottomswell.

Final Fantasy VIII[edit]

In Final Fantasy VIII, Shiva is one of two Guardian Forces assigned to Squall at the start of the story.

Final Fantasy IX[edit]

Known as an eidolon, Shiva is learnt from the Opal gemstone acquired by Dagger at her ascension to queen, being one of the four innate eidolons extracted from her by Zorn and Thorn. According to notes left on the Summoner's Wall at Madain Sari; When Shiva was first discovered by the summoners, her form was that of a small child. As years passed she eventually grew into her more familiar adult appearance.

Final Fantasy X[edit]

In Final Fantasy X, Shiva is an aeon obtained during the initial battle with Seymour in Macalania Temple. Her manifestation in this game is the result of dream-imagery provided by a Fayth.

Final Fantasy X-2[edit]

In Final Fantasy X-2, Shiva appears as a Dark Aeon whom the Gullwings must fight.

Final Fantasy XII[edit]

Named for the recurring summon, the Archadian Light Cruiser Shiva is an arena where the party fights Vossler, who has just betrayed them at the time.

Final Fantasy XVI[edit]

Artwork for Final Fantasy XVI

In Final Fantasy XVI, Shiva is an Eikon whose Dominant is Jill Warrick. Shiva is the Eikon of Ice. Jill is forced to prime Shiva during the Iron Kingdom's battle with the Dhalmekian Republic‎'s Eikon, Titan during the Battle of Nysa, causing widespread destruction. Jill is eventfully rescued by her childhood friend, Clive Rosfield and an outlaw, Cidolfus Telamon, who took her to his Hideaway in the deadlands.

Final Fantasy Tactics series[edit]

Final Fantasy Tactics[edit]

In Final Fantasy Tactics, Summoners earn this ability over time. Her Diamond Dust attack is a large ice elemental attack that spreads over a portion of the battlefield.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[edit]

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, like the first Final Fantasy Tactics, Summoners can learn the ability to summon Shiva. This can be done through the Snake Staff. Unlike other appearances, Shiva does not appear scantily glad, and is shown in full armor with only the bottom of her face revealed.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シヴァ
French Shiva Shiva
German Shiva Shiva
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