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Not to be confused with Garula.

Garuda is an avian humanoid that appears as an enemy in several Final Fantasy games. Garuda's first appearance is in Final Fantasy III, in which it is a boss.


Final Fantasy III[edit]

In Final Fantasy III Garuda resembles a bird-humanoid with yellow-orange feathers. It has a long beak.

Final Fantasy VII[edit]

In Final Fantasy VII Garuda is very small and has a blue body and insect features.

Final Fantasy IX[edit]

In Final Fantasy IX, Garuda is depicted as a large hovering bird with long, trailing wings and tail. It has a "friendly" variant, which is one of several friendly monsters that do not attack when encountered but instead ask to be "fed" various gemstone items for considerable AP. The regular Garuda enemies are predominantly red and green, and the friendly ones are rainbow-colored. Besides a difference in color, both Garuda variants have the same appearance.

Final Fantasy X / Final Fantasy X-2[edit]

In Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, Garuda was heavily redesigned to have reptilian features (e.g. a serpent-like head), no feathers, and sharp teeth. In both games, Garuda can use an attack named Sonic Boom.

Final Fantasy XI[edit]

In Final Fantasy XI, Garuda received another large redesign into being green and having a female-humanoid body, with wings on her back and talons for feet. Garuda can be used as a summon if the player completes certain quests and defeats Garuda in battle. Garuda is considered the summon of the element "wind", and as such mostly uses the wind magic Aero, Aerora, Aeroga, and rarely Aeroja.

Final Fantasy XVI[edit]

Artwork for Final Fantasy XVI

In Final Fantasy XVI, Garuda is an Eikon whose Dominant is Benedikta Harman.

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