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Benedikta Harman

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Benedikta Harman
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Benedikta Harman
Benedikta Harman FFXVI artwork.png
Final Fantasy XVI artwork of Benedikta
Benedikuta Hāman
Age 28
Gender Female
Species Human
Weapon(s) Swords
Affiliation Kingdom of Waloed
Occupation Spymaster
Dominant of Garuda
English voice actor Nina Yndis
Japanese voice actor Akari Higuchi

Benedikta Harman is an antagonist of Final Fantasy XVI. She is the spymaster from the Kingdom of Waloed and the Dominant of Garuda.



Benedikta is the leader of the Royal Intelligencers, a spy ring working for Waloed. She is also Cid's former lover.

Final Fantasy XVI[edit]

Benedikta is first seen meeting with her Dhalmekian allies on how to deal with the Iron Kingdom's new Dominant during the battle of Battle of Nysa. After their request for reinforcements were denied, Benedikta reminds Eugen Havel that is was Dhalmeks that drove the Ironbloods back during the Battle of the Twin Realms before leaving. He then greets Hugo Kupka, who then sexually advances on to him.

Benedikta and her intelligencers are later seen observing the aftermath of the battle, mocking Kupka, hoping to capture Shiva's dominant. She then observes Cid's lightning bolts before ordering her men to pull out.

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