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Artwork for Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Odin is a powerful summon in the Final Fantasy franchise. He makes his first appearance in Final Fantasy III. Odin is based on the Norse God of the same name, and is usually seen riding a six-legged horse. Odin wears steel armor and a helmet that obscures his face and has horns protruding from it. Odin sometimes wears a cape, and he carries both a round shield and a scimitar, although in some games, Odin can also use a lance-type weapon named Gungnir. The color of Odin's horse varies between appearances, although it usually has red eyes.

In many games, Odin's ability is Zantetsuken, in which he slices through enemies with his sword, cleaving them in two and inflicting Instant Death upon them. Otherwise, if the enemy is invulnerable to Instant Death, Odin deals regular damage to them.


Final Fantasy III[edit]

Odin is the optional Level 6 summon spell in both 2D and 3D versions. To obtain it, Odin must be fought in a secret area of the Saronia Catacombs accessed via the Nautilus while undersea. The party will have less than one minute to defeat him. In the 3D version, the party has a chance to steal the Gungnir from him.

Odin FF4 SNES sprite.png
Super Nintendo sprite

Final Fantasy IV[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV, the King of Baron becomes Odin after he is killed by Caignazzo. Odin is fought as a boss in the basement of Baron Castle after the party visits Feymarch and defeats both Leviathan and Asura. By defeating Odin, the party obtains him as a summon.

During a battle, Rydia can use 45 MP to summon Odin. When summoned, there is a chance that Odin might instantly defeat every enemy.

According to a book in the Eidolon Library, Odin was victorious and undefeated until he raised his sword in the air and got struck by lightning. This explains why Odin is weak to Lightning in his boss battle.

Final Fantasy V[edit]

Odin FF5 SFC sprite.png
Super Famicom sprite

In Final Fantasy V, Odin is fought in the basement of Bal Castle. During the battle, the party has only one minute to defeat Odin or else he uses Zantetskuen to kill all of them. Once defeated, the party obtains Odin as a summon. Like other summons, Odin can be summoned by the Summoner class.

Summoning Odin costs 48 MP, slightly higher than in Final Fantasy IV. If summoned, Odin uses Zantetsuken to instantly kill every enemy, although if they are immune to Insant Death, Odin instead uses Gungnir, in which he throws a large Gungnir at every enemy.

Odin FF6 SNES sprite.png
Super Nintendo sprite

Final Fantasy VI[edit]

In Final Fantasy VI, the Odin magicite is found in the Ancient Castle in the World of Ruin. He was the guardian of the Ancient Castle during the War of the Magi, which took place 1,000 years prior to the game's events. The Ancient Castle also has a petrified statue of its Queen, who had been in love with Odin since the War of the Magi. When the party examines the Queen's statue, she sheds a tear on the Odin magicite, transforming it into the Raiden magicite. This is the first game in which Odin is not fought as a boss.

Once the Odin magicite is equipped by a character, it costs them 70 MP to summon Odin once per battle. Like in Final Fantasy V, when Odin is summoned, he uses Zantetsuken to immediately kill every enemy. Odin teaches Meteor at an x1 rate and grants a +2 Agility bonus per level-up to the character who has him equipped.

Final Fantasy VII[edit]

In Final Fantasy VII, Odin materia is found within the Shinra Mansion at Nibelheim. Whenever Odin is summoned, there are two attacks that he can use. His standard one is the Steel Bladed Sword, in which he slashes regular enemies in half while riding by. For strong enemies and bosses that are invulnerable to Death, Odin instead uses Gunge Lance, in which it throws his Gungnir skyward, followed by non-elemental damage to the enemy.

Final Fantasy VIII[edit]

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In Final Fantasy VIII, Odin is a non-controllable Guardian Force. Sometimes, when a battle is started, Odin may perform a preemptive strike on enemies with his Zantetsuken, instantly killing the enemies by slicing them in half. If acquired before the end of disc 3, Odin will appear in a battle with Seifer Almasy, the only time he appears in a boss battle. However, Seifer somehow manages to reverse the Zantetsuken and bisects Odin with his gunblade. The Zantetsuken is knocked from Odin's hand, and a mysterious hand reaches out of a portal to catch the blade. This is revealed to be Gilgamesh, who replaces Odin for the remainder of the game.

Final Fantasy IX[edit]

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Odin in a CG rendered cutscene in Final Fantasy IX.

In Final Fantasy IX, Odin is one of the Eidolons. He is used by Queen Brahne after she extracts Princess Garnet's eidolons from her to destroy Cleyra Settlement. Garnet can gain the ability to summon Odin through the item Dark Matter. As a summon, Odin performs his Zantetsuken in the same way he had in previous games, destroying enemies outright. However, if Garnet has the Odin's Sword ability equipped, the Zantetsuken damages enemies that it does not defeat outright.

Final Fantasy XVI[edit]

Artwork for Final Fantasy XVI

In Final Fantasy XVI, Odin is an Eikon whose Dominant is Barnabas Tharmr. Odin is the Eikon of Darkness. Barnabas used Odin to conquer Ash, establishing the Kingdom of Waloed. Years later, Barnabas primed Odin against the forces of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque at the Battle of Belenus Tor on his bid to encroach upon the continent of Storm. He was challenged by Sanbreque's Eikon, Bahamut, which ended in a stalemate.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Odin Odin
German Odin Odin
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