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Octomammoth artwork.jpg
Artwork of Octomammoth
First appearance Final Fantasy IV
Species Octopus
Other names Octomamm

Octomammoth is a large, mutated cephalopod and a boss in Final Fantasy IV. It resides in the Underground Waterway, blocking the path to Damcyan. Octomammoth has an orange body, a spiked cone-shaped head, and dark blue markings over its body, like those of a blue-ringed octopus. The underside of Octomammoth's tentacles are yellow, but in the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System and PlayStation versions, they are lime green. In versions prior to Final Fantasy IV Advance, the boss is known as Octomamm.

Octomammoth is vulnerable to lightning-based attacks, which can be dealt by Rydia and Tellah. Before the party can attack Octomammoth's head, they must first destroy its eight tentacles. When one of Octomammoth's tentacles is destroyed, its sprite shakes briefly before that tentacle is no longer shown.


Final Fantasy IV stats
HP Strength Defense Magic Magic Defense Gil EXP Type Treasure
2,350 22 0 0 127 500 1200 - None
Weakness Resistance Absorbs
Lightning, Dark Most spells None

Bestiary navigation[edit]

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