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Mist (location)

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  • Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Mist FF4 SNES map.png
An overview map of Mist from Final Fantasy IV's Super Nintendo release
Misuto no mura
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy IV
Type Town
Inhabitants Rydia (formerly)

Mist is a town featured in both Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is the hometown of Rydia and other . Mist is located north of Baron, and is reached by traveling through the Mist Cave.


Final Fantasy IV[edit]

Early in Final Fantasy IV, after Cecil Harvey is stripped of his rank as Red Wings commander, the King of Baron orders him and his friend, Kain Highwind, to deliver a package, which is named the Carnelian Signet, to Mist. The two make their way through Mist Cave and, after defeating the Mist Dragon in a boss fight, exit the cave and reach Mist.

At Mist, the Carnelian Signet opens by itself, and a lot of Bombs emerge from it. This sets the entire village on fire, killing nearly all of the Summoners. Cecil and Kain notice a young girl (later revealed to be named Rydia) looking at her mother, who somehow died as a result of when the Mist Dragon was defeated. Kain tells Cecil that they must also kill the young girl, but Cecil deems it too cruel and refuses to allow it or to ever follow any of the King of Baron's orders again. Cecil offers to help the young girl evacuate Mist and tells her that it is too dangerous to stay. She refuses because she is furious at them for killing both the Mist Dragon and her mother. The young girl reveals herself to be a Summoner when she summons Titan who, in an unwinnable battle, uses Earthquake. This has an effect outside of battle where it creates a large split in the land to the right of Mist. This separates Kain from Cecil and the young girl, forcing her to join Cecil for a duration of their journey.

Later on, once the party has acquired the Enterprise, they can revisit Mist, which is shown to have recovered from massive fire damage. During the first visit to Mist, Cecil and Kain were unable to freely explore the area because it occurred during a scripted event. This time, the party can freely visit the Inn, Weapon Shop, and Armor Shop, although unlike most towns, there is no Item Shop.


In subsequent visits to Mist, the party can find three Bomb Fragments within the tall, dark grass. Two Bomb Fragments are hidden in the grass to the southeast, and the other is hidden in the grass to the northeast of the Inn.


  • Inn: It costs 50 gil to stay here for a night.
  • Rydia's House: This is where Rydia lives. It is the only accessible house, as the others are sealed off. In Rydia's House, there are a few hidden items that can be found by taking a hidden path behind the fireplace to a small, hidden room with three treasure chests containing a Gold Hairpin, Clothes, and Ruby Ring respectively. By continuing east, the party can continue down a southern path into another small room, which has a treasure chest containing a Rod of Change.


Name Price
Dancing Dagger 5,000 gil
Whip 3,000 gil
Name Price
Bard's Tunic 700 gil