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Edward Chris von Muir

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Edward Chris von Muir
Edward Chris von Muir
Edward Chris von Muir Amano art.jpg
Final Fantasy IV artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
Girubāto Kurisu Fon Myūa
Hometown Damcyan
Age 24 (Final Fantasy IV)
Job class Bard
Gender Male
Height 5'8" (1.74 m)
Weight 112 lbs (51 kg)
Species Human
English voice actor Sam Riegel
Japanese voice actor Ryō Horikawa
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Edward Chris von Muir is a character in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. He is the prince of Damcyan, heir to become the seventh king of the region. Edward grew up very mild-mannered in his royal family. As a royal, Edward was required to be very well educated in business areas, but shows much more interest in music. He is admired throughout the kingdom as a singer and a harpist.


Edward's role in the story of Final Fantasy IV begins when his kingdom of Damcyan is attacked by Baron's military fleet of airships, known as the Red Wings, under the control of Golbez. In their attack, Baron steals Damcyan's Fire Crystal. Soon after, Cecil Harvey arrives with friends Rydia and Tellah, who had asked Cecil and Rydia to find Anna and the bard who ran off with her- namely, Edward. There, they discover that Anna - Tellah's daughter and Edward's ladyfriend - was mortally wounded in the attack, trying to protect Edward. Edward's parents were also killed in the blitz, sacrificing themselves so that their son, the heir to the throne, would live. Tellah becomes enraged and fights Edward, but Anna stops him and tells him that she loves Edward. Soon after, Tellah leaves the party and swears revenge on Golbez.

Cecil and Rydia then ask Edward to help them find the Sand Pearl, which can cure Rosa Joanna Farrell of her desert fever. Edward is initially too grieved to want to do anything, but eventually agrees and takes them to the Antlion's Den in his hovercraft. There, Edward tells them that the giant monster, Antlion, is very tame, but it ends up attacking the party anyway for an unknown reason- possibly because of Golbez collecting the Crystals. Cecil, Rydia, and Edward defeat it and gain the Sand Pearl. They return to Kaipo, where Rosa is, and cure her of the fever. The party decides that the next day they should venture over Mt. Hobs to Fabul, so they can warn the residents that Golbez may be after their Wind Crystal. That night, Anna comes to Edward in a dream, encouraging him to be strong and fight, and letting him know that she is at peace now.

The next day, Cecil, Edward, Rosa, and Rydia climb Mt. Hobs, where they meet the High Monk of Fabul, Yang Fang Leiden, who joins them. In Fabul Castle, Cecil, Edward, and Yang protect the Crystal from Baron's forces. However, they are defeated by Cecil's friend Kain Highwind, who has sided against Cecil and with Baron, and Golbez himself. Golbez then steals the Crystal and kidnaps Rosa. Cecil, Rydia, Edward, and Yang then decide to sail to Baron in hopes of rescuing Rosa. However, on their voyage, they are attacked by Leviathan, who wrecks their ship and separates the party.

Cecil and Yang, along with Tellah and Cid Pollendina, find a badly injured and bedridden Edward in Troia, where they are trying to collect the Earth Crystal to give to Golbez in exchange for Rosa. There, Edward tells them that Troia's Crystal was stolen by the Dark Elf. Edward wishes to volunteer to help the party, but Tellah insists that he is too badly injured to do so. Before leaving Troia to retrieve the Crystal, Edward makes Cecil take his Twin Harp. The Elf is found in the Magnetic Cavern, where metal weapons and armor cannot be used. The Dark Elf nearly kills the party, as they cannot be well-protected, and Cecil doesn't have access to his sword. Edward then gets out of bed despite the doctor's objections plays his own harp which corresponds with the Twin Harp, freeing the party from the cavern's magnetic pull. They then defeat the Dark Elf. If the player revisits Edward after defeating the Dark Elf, Tellah will tell him that he understands what Anna saw in him and that he considers him a good person.

When the Giant of Babil is activated, Edward commands an airship along with the Troians in order to stop it from advancing.

Before the last final battle, Edward's prayers give the party the strength they need to defeat Zemus. In the ending sequence, he is shown agreeing to sing the song about Cecil if the children of Damcyan help restore the kingdom.

In Final Fantasy IV Advance and other 2D remakes, Edward is made available as a playable character again after the Giant of Babil sequence. He can be found waiting for the party in Mysidia and can be used for the remainder of the game. In his section of the Lunar Ruins, Edward is the only character that can defeat the spirits.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Edward is an active member of the group who attempts to maintain the peace, but is able to recognize that all is not right in the world due to the Maenad. He is still plagued by the deaths of Anna and Tellah, but is able to move on when their spirits encourage him to find someone else to love as he did Anna.



Main article: Hide

Edward runs off of the screen, hiding from the battle. Though he receives no damage, he can no longer attack. While Hiding, Edward's only available commands are to reappear, or "defend" to continue Hiding. This skill can be used manually, but if Edward's HP drops enough to put him in danger mode, this will be executed automatically. If the rest of the party is wiped out, he will automatically come back out of hiding to make an action.


Main article: Medicine

By using the Medicine command, Edward heals his allies, using a Potion. This ability was translated as Heal for the Final Fantasy Chronicles version and Final Fantasy IV Advance. Sadly, this command does not make use of higher-potency potions (Hi-Potions, X-Potions) for a greater effect, which severely limits its use later in the game.


Main article: Sing

Like the bards of Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy V, Edward can inflict various status effects on enemies by singing to them. Examples include the Lullaby (sleep), Song of Charm/Enticement (confusion), and Song of Silence (mute). The effect generated is random, and sometimes no effect is caused at all. Upon the completion of his Lunar Trial in the Game Boy Advance version, it upgrades to Chant, which casts Shell and Protect on all party members.

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