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Tower of Zot

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Tower of Zot
Tower of Zot FFIV SNES screenshot.jpg
The Tower of Zot in the original Super Nintendo version

Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy IV
Type Tower
Greater location Baron
Inhabitants Golbez, Magnus Sisters
Unique item(s) Flame Sword

The Tower of Zot is a location in Final Fantasy IV. It is a tall seven-floor tower where Golbez is located for most of the game. The Tower of Zot is a mostly empty maze-like area with a futuristic chrome-like design. It is an unrevisitable location, as it cannot be accessed from the world map, and is never shown from the outside. In Final Fantasy IV, the Tower of Zot has two bosses, the Magnus Sisters and Barbariccia.


Cecil and his party visit the Tower of Zot late in their adventure. From the Enterprise, they connect a bridge to Kain's airship and give him the Earth Crystal, hoping he will free Rosa. Kain instructs the party to follow him, and both their airships go up to the Tower of Zot. There, the party hears Golbez calling them from the top floor, saying that he will free Rosa once they give him the Earth Crystal. As the party makes their way through the Tower of Zot, they encounter a boss trio, the Magnus Sisters, on the fifth floor.

The party eventually reach the seventh floor and give the Earth Crystal to Golbez. It is revealed that he tricked the party as he still refuses to release Rosa. Tellah is infuriating, and during a brief battle sequence, he casts a Meteor spell on Golbez, severely injuring himself in the process. However, this also results in Golbez being weakened and no longer having mind control over Kain. Golbez then leaves the Tower of Zot. The party manage to free Rosa just seconds before a steel blade (or a metal ball in the original Final Fantasy IV Easy-Type and Final Fantasy II releases) fell and would have killed her. Just as they are about to escape the Tower of Zot, Barbariccia appears, starting another battle. After she is defeated, the Tower of Zot starts to collapse. Rosa uses Teleport so that they all escape from the tower.

The party is teleported back into Cecil's Bedchamber at Baron Castle. Cecil thought that the Enterprise was destroyed from the Tower of Zot's collapse, but is then relieved when Cid tells him that the Enterprise returned to Baron via remote control. They continue to use the Enterprise in their journey.


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In Final Fantasy IV's 3D remake, there are fewer types of enemies encountered.

Sprite Name HP Gil Exp Weakness(es)
Black Knight 360 175 840 Fire, Holy
Centaur Knight 380 172 860 None
Cold Beast 520 276 1,441 Fire
Fiery Hound 1,221 244 1,708 Ice
Gremlin 410 275 1,221 Fire
Hell Turtle 700 224 920 Ice
Ice Lizard 480 289 1,331 Fire
Puppet 256 180 800 Fire
Puppeteer 473 195 1,000 None
Purple Bavarois 105 50 750 Fire
Red Mousse 35 36 134 Fire
Soldieress 425 200 1,050 None
Sorceress 350 329 1,551 None
Yellow Jelly 55 33 144 Lightning

Sprite Name HP Gil Exp Weakness(es)
Black Knight 1,224 64 3,672 Fire, Holy
Centaur Knight 1,292 68 3,876 None
Frostbeast 1,768 92 5,304 Fire
Gremlin 697 36 1,394 Fire
Hell Turtle 3,570 184 14,280 Ice
Ice Lizard 1,224 63 2,448 Fire
Marionette 654 36 1,388 None
Marionetteer 804 43 1,668 None
Purple Bavarois 519 32 1,236 Fire
Soldieress 1,085 56 2,170 None
Sorceress 893 46 1,786 None


Name Floor
Flame Mail 1F
Flame Shield 5F
Flame Sword 2F
Gaia Hammer 5F
Hell Claw 5F
Sage's Surplice 5F