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Mount Hobs

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Mount Hobs
Mount Hobs Summit FF4 SNES screenshot.jpg
A screenshot from Final Fantasy IV's Super Nintendo version where Cecil witnesses Yang fight several enemies on Mount Hobs's summit.
Hobusu no Yama
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy IV
Type Mountain
Unique item(s) Various

Mount Hobs is a mountain which appears in Final Fantasy IV and its sequels. It is located near Damcyan, and allows travelers to access Fabul on the other side. Prior to the 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV, the location's name is spelled Mt. Hobs.


Final Fantasy IV[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV, a pathway in Mount Hobs is initially blocked off by a wall of ice. When Rosa joins the party, after she is cured of sand fever, she, Cecil, Edward, and Rydia return to Mount Hobs. The party asks Rydia to use Fire to melt the ice. At first, Rydia refuses because she hates fire and is traumatized of when her hometown, Mist, was burned down. Rosa tells Rydia that they need to get through to Fabul, citing the lives in danger. For a short while, the other party members beg Rydia to use it until she finally convinces herself to use Fire. After this, the wall of ice melts, and Rydia can use Fire during battles.

The party start out on the Mount Hobs West Slope, which has two exits: the one on the left leads to Mount Hobs Vista,[1] a resting area with a few items, and the one on the right leads to the Summit.[1] On the Summit, the party encounter a Monk named Yang who, in a scripted encounter, fights three Domovoi and defeats them successfully. After this, Mom Bomb attacks Yang, and the party join the battle to help him fight it. The five of them manage to defeat Mom Bomb, and after formally introducing himself, Yang joins the party. The party realizes that the monsters were a distraction from Fabul being under attack by Baron's forces. They quickly make their way down the eastern area, Mount Hobs East Slope to exit Mount Hobs and continue onward to Fabul.


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In Final Fantasy IV, despite there being a scripted encounter of Yang fighting three Domovoi, they do not appear as random encounters.

Sprite Name HP Gil Exp Weakness(es)
Bloodbones 210 169 315 Fire, Holy
Bomb 55 76 361 None
Cockatrice 149 82 275 Throw
Gargoyle 160 90 315 Holy, Throw
Gray Bomb 111 105 445 None
Skeleton 135 126 238 Fire, Holy
Spirit 86 122 278 Holy

Sprite Name HP Gil Exp Weakness(es)
Bomb 55 150 5 Ice
Cockatrice 241 723 14 Wind
Gargoyle 240 810 15 Earth, Dark
Gray Bomb 222 484 13 Ice
Skeleton 135 270 8 Fire, Holy
Spirit 86 172 5 Holy
In the 3D remake, Bloodbones do not appear on Mount Hobs.


In Final Fantasy IV, there are four treasure chests at Mount Hobs Vista. From left to right, they contain a Tent, a Potion, a Gold Needle, and 960 gil respectively. On the Summit, there is a treasure chest that contains Holy Arrows.

In the 3D remake, the party is rewarded three Hi-Potions when they complete the West Slope and East Slope each.


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