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Underground Waterway

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Underground Waterway
Watery Pass FF4 SNES.png
The Underground Waterway in the original Super Nintendo version of Final Fantasy IV

Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Type Cave

The Underground Waterway is a cave filled with water and an explorable area in both Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. In Final Fantasy IV's original Super Nintendo version, the location is named Watery Pass, and in the PlayStation version, it is named Water Cavern.

The Underground Waterway is unique in that it is a single area that is divided into two caves. The first cave consists of two areas, distinctly named Underground Waterway South[1] and Underground Waterway North[1] in the 3D remake. The end of the latter portion leads to an exit to a small valley area on the World Map. To the north is another cave entrance, which leads into the northern part of Underground Waterway (distinctly named Underground Falls on floor B1 and Underground Lake on floor B2 in the 3D remake).

In Final Fantasy IV, the Underground Waterway is the first place to have a Save Point.


Final Fantasy IV[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV, the Underground Waterway is the second dungeon, and Cecil and Rydia travel through it during their search for the Sand Pearl. In the first room, they meet Tellah, who is a blocking the wooden bridge, preventing Cecil and Rydia from progressing. Tellah refuses to let them pass because he says that it is too dangerous with all the monsters in the area. However, if the party has talked to Rosa in Kaipo, Tellah realizes that Cecil is wielding the Dark Sword. He asks for their help in finding his daughter, Anna, who ran off to Damcyan to meet with Edward. Tellah agrees to join the party, and the three of them continue in the Underground Waterway.

On floor B2F, the party enters a camp site. Tellah sets up a tent and says that they should get some rest for the the battle ahead. That night, as Rydia is sleeping, Tellah and Cecil sit around a campfire and discuss a few things; they first talk about how Rydia is a Summoner, to which Tellah says that she has great potential. Both Tellah and Cecil then further introduce themselves, and each of them elaborate on their reason for traveling to Damcyan. Tellah provides a brief description of the boss that lies ahead.

In the North Entrance, which comes after floor B3F, the party takes an exit on the right side, leading them back out on the world map, in an enclosed area within the mountains. Here, the party has a second opportunity to use a Tent before entering the second cave entrance to the north, which features a waterfall. The party jumps down a waterfall which leads down to a lake area where they fight the boss, Octomammoth.


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Sprite Name HP Gil Exp Weakness(es)
Alligator 175 95 236 Ice
Gigantoad 47 24 89 Ice
Killer Fish 65 30 119 Lightning
Red Mousse 35 36 134 Fire
Sahagin 64 38 136 Lightning
Tiny Mage 69 63 132 None
Toadgre 59 34 127 Ice
Vile Shell 58 28 101 Lightning
Water Bug 125 79 225 Lightning
Zombie 52 31 112 Fire

Sprite Name HP Gil Exp Weakness(es)
Alligator 175 20 438 Ice
Amoeba 125 14 188 Lightning
Fangshell 55 7 82 Lightning
Gigantoad 94 12 235 Ice
Killer Fish 60 8 90 Lightning
Red Mousse 35 15 8 Fire
Sahagin 110 14 175 Lightning
Toadgre 66 9 165 Ice
Zombie 87 10 130 Fire


On floor B1F, an X-Potion, Dry Ether, and Phoenix Down are hidden behind a waterfall. In the 3D remake, this leads to a small room in which they are located.

Name Location
580 gil B3F
Antarctic Wind North
Bomb Fragment B3F
Dry Ether B1F
Ether B2F (x1), North Entrance (x1)
Feathered Cap B3F
Hades Gloves Waterfall (B1F)
Hades Armor Waterfall (B1F)
Hades Helm Waterfall (B1F)
Hermes' Shoes Waterfall (B1F)
Hourglass North
Ice Rod B2F
Iron Armlet B1F
Maiden's Kiss B1F
Phoenix Down B1F
Potion B1F (x1), B2F (X1), B3F (x1)
Shadow Blade North
Tent B1F
X-Potion B1F


In the 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV, the following items are rewarded for clearing the maps:


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