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King of Baron

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The King of Baron, also known as King Baron, is a character in Final Fantasy IV and the former ruler of the kingdom of Baron.


At start of Final Fantasy IV, Cecil and the Red Wings have successfully carried out the King's orders of stealing the Water Crystal from Mysidia. Cecil returns with to Baron Castle with the Water Crystal and notes that the Mysidians were "helpless". Baigan talks to the King privately, saying that Cecil questions his orders. When Cecil is brought in, the King of Baron strips his rank as commander of the Red Wings. He then sends Cecil and Kain on a mission to slay the Eidolon at Mist Valley and deliver a Carnelian Signet to the village of Mist starting next morning.

Just before Cecil goes to his bedchamber, he bumps into Cid. Cecil tells Cid that he lost his rank as Red Wings commander, and Cid tells him that the King has been acting unusual lately. The next morning, Cecil and Kain head off to Mist to carry out their mission.

Cecil's next encounter with the King of Baron occurs much later once he has become a Paladin. Cecil and the party sneak back into Baron Castle and enter the throne room, and Cecil talks to the King of Baron, who is disappointed at Cecil choice of changing from a Dark Knight to Paladin. The King of Baron then reveals himself to be Cagnazzo, who had killed the real king sometime before the game's events. Cagnazzo removes his disguise and then fights the party, who manage to defeat him.

In the ending, Cecil and Rosa get married, and they become the new king and queen of Baron.