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Hometown Red Moon
Gender Male
Species Lunarian
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Fusoya, also formatted FuSoYa, is a Lunarian and a party member in Final Fantasy IV and its sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. He is a resident of the Red Moon. The wisest character of the game, Fusoya knows the true origins of Cecil Harvey, Golbez, the Crystals, and the destruction of their world.


Final Fantasy IV[edit]

Fusoya enters the scene of Final Fantasy IV later than any other playable character. Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, and Edge meet Fusoya in the Crystal Palace on the moon. There, Fusoya shares with them the history of the Lunarians. Those who could escape the planet between Mars and Jupiter before its destruction created another moon for Earth, where they sleep; these are the Lunarians. Fusoya then explains that one Lunarian, Zemus, was reluctant and refused to live a life of slumber. Using his will, he manipulated Golbez (who subsequently manipulated Kain Highwind) into gathering the Crystals for him. Zemus is planning to use the Crystals to resurrect the Giant of Babel, which will destroy Earth.

Then Fusoya is questioned by Cecil about the Lunar Whale, an airship used as passage to the moon. Fusoya tells him that his brother KluYa made it when he visited the blue planet. KluYa introduced the ideas of the airship and Devil's Road to Earthlings. He even fell in love with one of the residents of the Earth, who bore two sons - one of them being Cecil. Cecil realizes that it must have been KluYa that allowed him to change from a Dark Knight to a Paladin.

Fusoya then joins the party when they return to Earth, only to find that the Giant of Babel has already awakened. In the Giant, they once again face off against the Four Elemental Lords, and destroy the core. After doing so, Golbez storms in, prepared to kill the party. Fusoya then uses his powers to relieve Golbez of his possession by Zemus. It is then revealed that Cecil and Golbez are brothers. Golbez then decides he will kill Zemus, and Fusoya joins him (though by doing so, leaves the party). Golbez's being released from Zemus' control releases Kain from his control, and Kain rejoins the party to help them escape.

On the moon, Cecil and the rest of the party witness Fusoya and Golbez taking on Zemus. Fusoya and Golbez, powerful sorcerers, both cast Meteor together to use Double Meteor, killing Zemus. The evil inside Zemus then takes physical form - as Zeromus. Zeromus knocks out the party and then faces Fusoya and Golbez, who once again use Double Meteor. This, however, is of no use. Fusoya commands Golbez to use the Crystal to weaken Zeromus's power. But because Golbez "chose the dark path", the Crystal cannot work against Zeromus. Zeromus knocks out Fusoya and Golbez. When all seems lost, the prayers of former party members and the party's allies give Cecil and the rest the strength and vitality they need to defeat the evil being. Cecil uses the Crystal and defeats Zeromus, returning peace to the world.

Fusoya and Golbez then go to sleep with the Lunarians until the time comes where the Lunarians and Earthlings can live in harmony, although Fusoya suggests that based on Cecil and his companions' performance, the people of the "blue planet" may have surpassed the Lunarians.

In Final Fantasy IV Advance, Fusoya is the only party member who cannot join the party after he leaves in the course of the main game; the party's exploration of the Lunar Ruins takes place at the time that he and Golbez are about to confront Zemus.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Fusoya works with Golbez to investigate the arrival of the Maenads, but he is forced to send Golbez away to the Blue Planet while he defends the moon from the revived Zeromus. His fate is left unrevealed.

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