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Cid Pollendina

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Cid Pollendina
Cid Pollendina.jpg
Artwork of Cid Pollendina for Final Fantasy IV
Shido Porendīna
Age 54
Gender Male
Height 5'3" (1.59 m)
Weight 148 lbs (67 kg)
Species Human
Weapon(s) Hammer
Occupation Engineer
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Cid Pollendina is a character and the Cid representative of Final Fantasy IV. He is also the first Cid to be playable, and is the chief engineer of Baron. Cid is friends with Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind, and Rosa Farrell. Since the loss of his wife and daughter, Cid has especially treated Cecil like his own son. Having discovered the ancient skill of levitation, Cid invented the airship. Though slightly upset over the military use of his invention, Cid is genuinely a happy person who provides comic relief throughout the game, due to his oversized emotions.


Final Fantasy IV[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV, like Rosa, Cid's first appearance is very brief, occurring before Cecil and Kain embark on their mission to deliver the Bomb Ring to the village of Mist. After Cecil's rank of airship commander is given to Golbez, the Elemental Lord of Water Cagnazzo, who is posing as the king of Baron, locks Cid in a "stink hole." He finally breaks free when Cecil, Yang Fang Leiden, Tellah, Palom and Porom defeat Cagnazzo in battle. However, Cagnazzo temporarily regains some power, and closes in the walls of Baron, hoping to destroy the heroes. As a last resort, Palom and Porom turn themselves into stone to protect the other four. Cid then joins the party, and gives the team his airship, the Enterprise.

Cecil, Cid, Tellah, and Yang then obtain the Earth Crystal in the Magnetic Cavern, to give to Golbez - the man who possessed Kain and kidnapped Rosa, who is being used as ransom for the Crystal. When they reach the Tower of Zot, where Rosa lies, Tellah uses his Meteo spell on Golbez to avenge his daughter, who was killed by Golbez and the Red Wings, killing himself in the process. Although Golbez did not die, his power over Kain is weakened. The party rescues Rosa, and shortly after defeat Barbariccia, the Elemental Lord of Wind.

The party believes that Golbez has maintained all of the Crystals, but then Kain tells them of the four more - the Dark Crystals, found in the Underworld. They then use the Magma Rock in the town of Agart to open a portal to the Underworld. Upon their arrival in the Underworld, the Enterprise is attacked by a fleet of Red Wings and several Dwarven tanks. Cid then leaves the party to make repairs on the airship.

By the time the party have returned to Dwarven Castle, Cid has repaired the Enterprise. The five then attempt to return to the Overworld, but are once again attacked by a fleet of Red Wings. To save the others, another sacrifice is made. Cid jumps off the ship to use a bomb that will seal the entrance to the Overworld from the Red Wings. He ultimately jumps off the ship and detonates explosives to seal the Underworld.

Later, Cecil obtains an enemy Red Wing airship, called the Falcon. He returns to the Underworld, to find that Cid is still alive in the Dwarven Castle, complaining about the Dwarven food. Cid then modifies the Falcon so it can fly over lava.

In Final Fantasy IV Advance, Cid's trial has him piloting the airship to bring NPCs to towns within a time limit. His reward is the powerful Fiery Hammer.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Cid is still Baron's airship engineer, having refused to retire. He has taken on Luca, daughter of the King of Dwarves, as his apprentice. He eagerly joins the battle for the Blue Planet, his age not slowing down his enthusiasm.