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Blitz is a form of martial arts and Sabin's unique ability. They are executed by selecting the Blitz command and pressing a certain sequence of buttons. The player cannot select the enemy which Sabin's blitzes target.


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The player is required to perform Pummel/Raging Fist on Vargas to defeat him. After that, The first three Blitz techniques (including Raging Fist) are available, the others being unlocked one at a time when Sabin reaches certain levels. They are not your usual ability where you select a command and it is done; after you select the Blitz command in battle, perform a series of button presses then press the confirm button.

If an invalid series of buttons is entered (including no buttons at all or they're for a Blitz technique that has not been unlocked yet), then the command will fail.

  • Raging Fist (formerly Pummel) - Attacks a single enemy with a flurry of punches.
  • Aura Cannon (formerly AuraBolt) - Attacks a single enemy with a beam of Holy damage.
  • Meteor Strike (formerly Suplex) - Leaps holding a single enemy and crashes them into the ground head-first. Does not work on all enemies and is most effective when only one enemy is on-screen.
  • Rising Phoenix (formerly Fire Dance) - Creates fire images of himself to attack the enemy party.
  • Chakra (formerly Mantra) - Heals other party members by the amount of life Sabin has divided by the amount of alive party members, and cures status effects.
  • Razor Gale (formerly Air Blade) - Creates blades that attack the enemy party for wind damage.
  • Soul Spiral (formerly Spiraler) - Heals his party's HP and MP by the amount Sabin has of each; removes him from battle and must be revived when the battle ends.
  • Phantom Rush (formerly Bum Rush) - Attacks a single enemy from all around for massive damage. This attack is magical despite the graphics, and can be enhanced by any Magic Power enhancing equipment.


  • Blitz in general may be a homage to Street Fighter; Blitz techniques are performed in a similar way to special moves in fighting games, Vargas' appearance and motivation are reminiscent to Akuma, who had also killed his master (though this was retconned in later Street Fighter games), and Blitz in general