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Yang Fang Leiden

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Yang Fang Leiden
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Yang Fang Leiden
Yang Fang Liden FF4 artwork.jpg
Final Fantasy IV artwork
Yan Fan Raiden
Hometown Fabul
Age 35
Job class Monk
Gender Male
Height 6'0" (1.82 m)
Weight 168 lbs (76 kg)
Species Human
English voice actor Dan Woren
Japanese voice actor Tesshō Genda

Yang Fang Leiden is a martial artist and a playable character in Final Fantasy IV. He also appears in the game's sequels. Yang is a very composed man who serves as the High Monk of Fabul. From a young age, Yang trained intensively until he became the most powerful martial artist among his peers. Despite his high position among the Fabul monks, Yang does not bask in his glory, and keeps his dignity.


Final Fantasy IV[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV, Yang meets Cecil Harvey, Rosa Farrell, Edward Chris von Muir, and Rydia on Mt. Hobs. Yang is fighting off a swarm of enemies when Cecil and the others decide to help. After defeating the enemies, Yang tells the party that he was training on the mountain with his men, though all of them were killed by monsters. Cecil warns Yang that Golbez may be coming after Fabul to steal the Wind Crystal. Yang suggests that Golbez sent those monsters, and reveals that he had been training his men at the time of the attack and that he was the only survivor.

With Fabul's finest warriors killed, Cecil and Edward offer to help Yang defend Fabul if Golbez attacks. Sure enough, Baron's forces, led by Golbez and Cecil's friend Kain Highwind, do attack. Kain defeats the party, and Golbez takes the Crystal and kidnaps Rosa. The next day, Cecil, Rydia, Edward, and Yang set sail for Baron in hopes of rescuing their friend. However, they are shipwrecked by Leviathan and are separated.

Yang winds up in Baron, where he somehow loses his memory and is made captain of the guard in Baron. When he reunites with Cecil (this time with friends Tellah, Palom, and Porom), a fight ensues. After Cecil and the others defeat Yang, the monk regains his memory. They then infiltrate Baron Castle, where they defeat Baigan and then Cagnazzo, who was disguised as the King of Baron. When they are about to leave the castle, however, Cagnazzo uses the last of his power to close in the walls of the castle, trying to squash the heroes. Palom and Porom turn themselves into stone to protect the other party members.

Yang remains with Cecil for much of the quest. However, in the Tower of Babil, Yang sacrifices himself to save the party from the Super Cannon after its operators destroy the controls, causing it to explode. Later, however, they find that he was rescued by the Sylph fairies of the Underworld. Yang is awakened by the Frying Pan given to the party by his wife after she hears of his sacrifice. Upon returning to Yang's wife bearing the news of Yang, she will give the party either a Knife or Spoon (depending on the game's version). The Knife or Spoon can then be thrown by the ninja Edge as the most powerful thrown weapon in the game.

Yang later participates in the battle against the Giant of Babil, allowing Cecil, Rydia, Edge, Rosa and Fusoya to enter and destroy it. His prayers give Cecil's party the vitality they need before fighting Zemus in the final battle.

In Final Fantasy IV Advance and later remakes, Yang is made available as a playable character again after the Giant of Babil sequence. He can be found waiting for the party in Mysidia.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-, Yang investigates incidents caused by monsters one year after becoming the king of Fabul.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, he spends much of his time arguing with his daughter, Ursula, but is still a valued ally and friend.


  • Power: Yang gathers energy to perform an attack with double the strength the next turn. This command causes more damage than two physical attacks, because his power has a double power damage, but the enemy defense does not. In the Game Boy Advance version, it can be upgraded to Deadly, upon completing Yang's Lunar Trial, in which the attack does triple damage instead of double. Both versions cannot be countered.
  • Kick: Yang flies across the screen and then back, kicking all enemies. Because damage is split between the enemies, it is less powerful than his normal attack.
  • Bear: This raises Yang's defense. It is the equivalent of using Protect without costing MP (although Yang cannot use Bear on any other party member).
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