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Mythril (Final Fantasy IV)

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Mythril FF4 Advance screenshot.png
Cecil standing in between an Inn and house in Mythril in Final Fantasy IV Advance
Misuriru no Mura
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Type Town
Inhabitants Toads, Pigs, Mini people

Mythril is a town which appears in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is located on a remote island, and is inhabited by Toads, Pigs, and Mini people, all of whom share an appearance with one of status effects. In the Super Nintendo version, the town is named Silvera, and in the PlayStation version, it is named Mythril Village, which the Japanese name roughly translates to. Despite this, the "Village" part of the name has been dropped since Final Fantasy IV Advance. The town is named after mythril, which is a type of mineral that the inhabitants mine for on a regular basis. In doing so, they then craft weapons and armor from mythril to then sell at their Weapon Shop and Armor Shop respectively.

In Final Fantasy IV, there is a Pig who explains the refinery process to the party. In the Super Nintendo version, he says once they gather the mythril (translated as "silver ores" in his quote), it is refines and processed by the Toads and the Mini people (called "Small Folks") respectively. Since the PlayStation version, the Pig appears to be describing the characters individually, as he says that he works with "Mr. Frog" and "Mr. Little" to gather, refine, and process the mythril.


In Final Fantasy IV, there are three items hidden in a patch of grass. In the 3D remake, two more were added, and the locations of the other two were rearranged.

Name Location
5,000 gil In the patch of grass behind the combined Weapon and Armor Shop building. In the 3D remake, it is hidden in a patch of grass in front of the building.
Diet Ration Found in a patch of sand at the bottom-left of the Inn.
Maiden's Kiss Hidden in a well next to the bottom-right building.
Mythril Knife In the small patch of grass to the right of the one that has the 5,000 gil. In the 3D remake, it is on the left side of the upper-right building.
Mythril Staff Hidden in a patch of grass to the northeast of a small building next to the Inn. In the 3D remake, it is on the right side of the upper-right building.
Items marked in bold only appear in the 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV.


  • Inn: It costs 500 gil to stay at for one night. The inn is run by a Pig.


Name Price
Arctic Wind1 1,200 gil
Bomb Crank1 1,200 gil
Diet Food 100 gil
Heavenly Wrath1 1,200 gil
Maiden's Kiss 60 gil
Mallet 80 gil

1 - Exclusive to the 3D remake

Name Price
Mythril Hammer 8,000 gil
Mythril Knife 3,000 gil
Mythril Staff 4,000 gil
Mythril Sword 6,000 gil
Name Price
Mythril Armor 17,000 gil
Mythril Gloves 2,000 gil
Mythril Helm 3,000 gil
Mythril Shield 1,000 gil
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