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Golbez (ゴルベーザ, Gorubēza) is a sorcerer who serves as the main antagonist of Final Fantasy IV. He pursues the Crystals around the world using Baron's forces, killing many innocent people in order to collect them.


Final Fantasy IV[edit]

At the start of Final Fantasy IV, Cecil questions the King of Baron's judgment after being ordered to kill the innocent mages of Mysidia in order to steal the Water Crystal. Because of his supposed disloyalty, Cecil no longer has the rank of being Red Wings commander. Instead, his position is given to the Golbez. Under Golbez's command, the Red Wings steal the Fire Crystal of Damcyan, killing Tellah's daughter, Anna, in the process. When Tellah sees Anna dying, he vows to kill Golbez no matter what it takes.

Cecil meets Golbez in Fabul. Cecil's companion Kain, under the telepathic influence of Golbez, defeats Cecil in combat, and Golbez takes the Crystal. In addition to the Wind Crystal, Golbez also kidnaps Cecil's beloved Rosa Farrell. Kain tells Cecil that he and Golbez will release Rosa, if Cecil brings them the Earth Crystal of Troia in exchange.

When Cecil brings Golbez the Crystal in the Tower of Zot, Tellah becomes enraged and fights the evil sorcerer. Tellah uses the most powerful spell, Meteo, in hopes of killing Golbez, but to no avail. By using the spell, Tellah sacrifices his own life, only to weaken Golbez. This, however, does release Golbez's control over Kain, who joins the party and releases Rosa.

Cecil and Kain meet Golbez once again in the Underworld, in their quest for the Dark Crystals. Though they defeat Golbez in battle, they do not kill him, and Golbez takes the Crystal for himself. Much later, when on the moon, FuSoYa explains that Golbez is under the telepathic influence of Zemus. FuSoYa then shares that Cecil and Golbez are in fact brothers, and that he (being FuSoYa) is their uncle. FuSoYa's brother KluYa fell in love with an Earthling, who gave birth to two half-Lunarian sons. Zemus could easily take control of Golbez, because of his Lunarian blood. Zemus chose Golbez over Cecil, because Golbez had evil in his heart that Cecil did not.

FuSoYa also explains that Zemus plans to use the Crystals to call forth the Giant of Babil, which will destroy all life on Earth. When they return to Earth from the moon, they find that the Giant has already been summoned. They then enter the Giant of Babil and defeat the Four Fiends of the Elements, who were followers of Golbez. When Cecil destroys the core of the Giant, Golbez storms in, ready to kill him. FuSoYa then uses his magic to return Golbez's true consciousness and free him from Zemus's control. By doing so, any telepathic influence Golbez has ever had over Kain is also eliminated.

Golbez and FuSoYa then go to the moon to defeat Zemus by using the White Meteo spell, and do so. However, after Zemus's death, the evil inside of Zemus takes a physical form - Zeromus. Meteo has no affect over Zeromus, so Golbez attempts to weaken its power by using the Crystal. However, this has no effect, because the Crystal does not work for those with evil in their hearts. Cecil uses the Crystal, and with the help of the prayers from former party members, defeats Zeromus, returning peace to the world.

Golbez decides he can never return to Earth and chooses to go with FuSoYa, to sleep with the Lunarians until the time comes when the Earthlings and Lunarians can live in harmony. Before Golbez leaves, Cecil finally forgives him and accepts him as his brother.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[edit]

Golbez returns in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. In his own storyline, he and Fusoya investigate the arrival of the Maenads, who shatter the moon's crystals and in doing so revive Zeromus. Fusoya sends Golbez down to the Blue Planet as he continues to fight Zeromus alone, and Golbez, under the identity of the Man in Black, joins Rydia to help her save her friends. Later in the True Moon, Golbez comes face-to-face with Cecil's alterego the Dark Knight, who desires Golbez killed for both nearly destroying the world and abandoning his brother. With help from Rosa and Ceodore, Golbez stands up to his past sins and begs for forgiveness, allowing Cecil to regain his own strength and banish his dark half. Should Golbez survive, he remains with the party until the end of the game, at which point he returns to the moon in hopes that Fusoya or anybody else is still alive.



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