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Baron Castle

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Baron Castle
Baron Castle night artwork.jpg
Artwork of Baron Castle during the night

Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Type Castle
Greater location Baron
Inhabitants King of Baron (formerly)
Cecil Harvey
Rosa Joanna Farrell
Unique item(s) Various

Baron Castle, also known as Castle Baron,[1] is a location in Final Fantasy IV and its sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is a castle that is home to the kingdom of Baron's monarchy. At first, it is inhabited by the King of Baron, but since the ending of Final Fantasy IV, Cecil and Rosa inherit the castle and become king and queen of Baron.


Final Fantasy IV[edit]

The King of Baron orders Cecil to deliver the Carnelian Signal to Mist in the introduction of Final Fantasy IV's remake.

In Final Fantasy IV, Cecil first visits Baron Castle in the opening scene, after he and the Red Wings stole the Water Crystal from Mysidia. When he goes to the King of Baron, Cecil questions why they had to kill several Mysidians for their Crystal. The king gets mad at Cecil for questioning him and revokes his rank of being Red Wings commander. The king requests for Cecil and Kain to deliver a Carnelian Signet to Mist. The next morning, the two of them leave Baron Castle and start their mission. If Cecil and Kain attempt to re-enter Baron Castle, they encounter two guards, who stand in front the castle's entrance. The guards tell them that they cannot re-enter unless they have completed their mission.

Later, the party returns to Baron Castle via the Ancient Waterway. By talking to the guards, they find out that the king, along with Baigan, have turned into monsters. Cagnazzo had killed the real King of Baron and disguised himself as the king. The party manage to defeat Baigan and then Cagnazzo in a boss battle. After doing so, Cid meets up with them, and the party go to his airship, the Enterprise. When the party enters a small room, the walls start closing in on them, so both Palom and Porom sacrifice themselves by turning into stone, thus stopping the walls from moving in. The party embarks on the Enterprise, and they leave Baron Castle.

In the ending, Cecil and Rosa get married and inherit Baron Castle. They respectively become the king and queen of the kingdom of Baron.

After returning from the Feymarch, the player can find the king's spirit in a hidden part of the castle, who becomes Odin and fights the party.


  • Throne Room: The room where the King of Baron sits on his throne. It is accessed after the second room that is directly north of the foyer.
  • Baron Dungeons: This is where Baron's prisoners are kept. Here, a guard keeps watch over two Black Mages and one White Mage, each locked behind one of the three jail cells.
  • Black Mage Research Lab: A study area for White Mages.
  • White Mage Research Lab: A study area for Black Mages.
  • West Tower: A tower located at the upper-left area of Baron Castle. Cecil's Bedchamber is on the topmost floor.
  • East Tower: A tower located at the upper-right area of Baron Castle. It is only accessible once the party has defeated Cagnazzo, otherwise there is a guard blocking the entrance. The tower consists of several treasure chests. The entrance has a stairway to an upper floor and another down to the first basement floor (B1), which itself consists of a straightforward path that ends with a staircase leading down to the second basement floor.


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