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Namingway FF4 DS.png
Namingway introducing himself in Final Fantasy IV's Nintendo DS remake
Gender Male
Species Hummingway
Sahagin (FFXII: Revenant Wings)
Occupation Changing characters' names
Various (FFIV 3D remake)

Namingway is a character who appears in a few Final Fantasy games. He first appears in Final Fantasy IV. Namingway has an optional role of changing the names of the party members. Although Namingway is usually a Hummingway, he is instead a Sahagin in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.


Final Fantasy IV (3D remake)[edit]

In Final Fantasy IV's 3D remake, because the characters' names are used in the cutscenes, Namingway does not have the ability to change their names. Unlike the original version, Namingway has a much larger and even significant role.

When the party first encounters Namingway in the west tower of Baron Castle, he asks them if they want to change their names. The name screen appears as usual, although once the player enters a name, Namingway realizes that he has lost the ability to change the characters' names. Namingway then leaves and embarks on a journey to find a new purpose.

Throughout the game, Namingway can be found in various places, especially towns, and has a different name wherever he is encountered (despite not having the ability to change the name of each party member). In some encounters, especially earlier ones, Namingway helps the party by either giving them an item or unlocking a feature for them. In later encounters, Namingway is dating a woman and asks the party to help him with a certain task.

Other names[edit]

Name Location Description
Mappingway Mist Cave (entrance) Namingway decides to become a cartographer and renames himself to Mappingway. He gives the party the Wayfarer's Map before leaving.
Livingway Kaipo (house) Namingway, now named Livingway, lost his cartography tools and wonders what his next endeavor will be. He grants the party access to the Bestiary.
Recordingway Fabul (inn) Namingway renames himself to Recordingway and decides take note of various events. He allows the party to access the Event Theater.
Campingway Chocobo Forest (any) Namingway discovered his love for being outdoors and renames himself to Campingway. He offers 300 gil to the party to buy all of their Tents.
Jammingway Baron (Weapon Shop) Namingway discovers his love for music, and renames himself to Jammingway. He allows the party to access the Music Box.
Cheatingway Troia (behind the inn) Cheatingway plans date two different women. He asks the party to distract one of them while he dates the other one.
Puddingway Agart (house) Namingway, now named Puddingway, decides to have only one girlfriend. He asks the party to give him a Rainbow Pudding so that he can give it to his girlfriend.
Mopingway Dwarven Castle (pub) Mopingway is upset because his girlfriend cheated on him. When the party talk to Mopingway, he gets angry and attacks them, triggering a brief battle. If the party wins, they are rewarded an Eye Gouge, and Mopingway recovers from his self-pity.
Lovingway Feymarch Namingway, renamed to Lovingway, is in love with a woman. The player is asked to enter a four-letter name of the person that they are seeing. After doing this, Lovingway moves on to his next destination.
Weddingway Mysidia (Tower of Prayers) Namingway is engaged, and has renamed himself to Weddingway. He will have a wedding in Mysidia. He gives the party the ????'s Love, the "????" being the name that the player entered in Feymarch.
Hummingway Hummingway Home This is where Hummingway and his bride lives. He thanks the party for helping him through their travels.
Going-my-Way Random Namingway has decided to travel around again, and he renames himself to Going-my-Way. When the party talks to him, he gives them the Safe Travel.

Physical appearance[edit]

Namingway wears a turban on his head. It has a jewel in the center, which is usually blue, although in the original Final Fantasy IV, it is red. Starting with the 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV, Namingway wears a red coat, red boots, and a blue scarf. The hood of Namingway's coat covers most of his turban. In the game, Namingway carries a backpack and sleeping bag on his back because he is traveling. In Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, the scarf is red. In Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, the colors of his coat and scarf are inverted into being blue and red respectively. In Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Namingway wears a pair of glasses.

In Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Namingway is a turquoise Sahagin.

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