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Sahagin FF artwork.jpg
Artwork for Final Fantasy
First appearance Final Fantasy (1987)
Other names SAHAG, WaterHag
Related characters and species
Desert Sahagin
Sahagin Chief
Sahagin Prince
Sahagin Queen

Sahagins are humanoid fish creatures that appear in several Final Fantasy games, starting with the first Final Fantasy. Sahagins are usually found in aquatic areas. Several games depict them as green, although some depict them as blue. Sahagins have a large fin on their back, webbed feet, and hands in the shape of fins. Starting with Final Fantasy VII, Sahagins usually carry a spear with three prongs. They are based on the Sahuagin from Dungeons & Dragons.


Final Fantasy[edit]

In Final Fantasy, Sahagins are encountered at the Sea. They are weak to Lightning-elemental attacks but are resistant to Fire and Quake-elemental ones. Sahagins sometimes drop a Potion when defeated. In most versions, Sahagins are green, although in the MSX2 version, they are dark blue, making it their first appearance in which Sahagains are blue. In the Nintendo Entertainment System version, their name is formatted SAHAG, and their sprite is turquoiuse. Starting with the WonderSwan Color version, Sahagins have green skin and red eyes. In the PlayStation Portable version, their eyes were changed to clear gray.

Sahagains have three variants in the game: Sahagin Chief, Sahagin Prince, and Sahagin Queen.

Final Fantasy IV[edit]

Edward in a fixed encounter with a Sahagin in Final Fantasy IV Advance.

In Final Fantasy IV, Sahagins, named WaterHag in the Super Nintendo and PlayStation versions, make a reappearance. The game introduces another variant, Desert Sahagins, who are found in the desert.

As random encounters, Sahagins are only found in the Underground Waterway. During the nighttime in Kaipo, after Rosa has been cured of desert fever, Edward goes outside to play his harp, but a Sahagin suddenly jumps out of the water and attacks him. This triggers a fixed encounter battle with a Sahagin. Anna appears to Edward, telling him to believe in himself, and after attacking the Sahagin three times, Edward defeats it.

In the 3D remake, Sahagins reward more experience points when defeated but not as much gil. Their Attack was slightly lowered, but their Defense was increased.


# Enemy name
HP 44 Attack 10 Accuracy 7 Defense 4
Agility 36 Intelligence 4 Evasion 72 Magic Defense 28
Spells N/A Weakness Lightning Resistance Fire, Quake Type N/A
Gil 30 EXP 30 Treasure Potion
Final Fantasy IV stats
HP Strength Defense Magic Magic Defense Gil EXP Type Treasure
64 18 2 0 7 38 136 Insect None
Weakness Resistance Absorbs
Lightning None None
Final Fantasy IV (3D) stats
Level HP Exp Gil Strength Stamina Speed Intellect Spirit
14 110 275 14 11 11 6 4 10
Attack Accuracy Defense Evasion Magic Defense Magic Evasion
9 105 22 5 10 5
Weakness Resistance Absorbs Steal Drops
Lightning Fire Water Potion (60% chance) None
Susceptible to
Paralyze, Sleep, Confuse, Petrify, Silence, Mini, Blind, Poison, Critical, Gradual Petrify, Pig, Curse, Berserk, Stop, Slow, Sap

Bestiary navigation[edit]

Pirate | Sahagin (#018) | Sahagin Chief
Toadgre | Sahagin (#015) | Killer Fish
Gigantoad | Sahagin (#016) | Amoeba

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サハギン
French Sahuagin Sahuagin
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