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Nintendo Power artwork

The Levistone is a key item in Final Fantasy. It is a rock capable of hovering in midair, hence it being a portmanteau of "levitate" and "stone". It is the power source of the Airship. In the original Nintendo Entertainment System version, the Levistone is named FLOATER, or the Floater in the Nintendo Power guide.

The Levistone was given a sprite starting with the WonderSwan Color release, and is depicted as a bluish-purple diamond-shaped rock. Its Nintendo Power artwork depicts it as a brick-shaped stone.


Final Fantasy[edit]

During their adventure, the Warriors of Light find the Levistone in the Cavern of Ice, where it is guarded by the Evil Eye. Once they obtain the Levistone, the warriors must go to Ryukahn Desert and use the Levistone to raise the airship out of the sand. In the remakes, the event automatically occurs, although in the Nintendo Entertainment System release, the item must be manually selected from the Items menu.

Starting with the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls remake, the Levistone is also used to raise the Airship in the Hellfire Chasm.


  • Nintendo Power volume 17, page 44: "The Floater is used to raise the Airship from the desert sands and allows it to fly."