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Gil Snapper

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Gil Snapper
Gil Snapper FF4 PSP sprite.png
Sprite from Final Fantasy IV's PlayStation Portable remake
First appearance Final Fantasy V (1991)
Species Tortoise
Other names Gil Turtle, Gilgamesh
Related characters and species
Grass Tortoise
Land Turtle

Gil Snappers, alternatively named Gil Turtles, are massive tortoise enemies that appear in some Final Fantasy games. They make their debut appearance in Final Fantasy V, where one is fought as a boss. They are relatives of Adamantoises and Land Turtles, and have the same pose as them in the 2D games. Gil Snappers yield a large gil reward when defeated, hence their name. They are weak to Ice-based attacks.


Final Fantasy V[edit]

Gil Turtle FF5 GBA sprite.png
Final Fantasy V Advance sprite

In Final Fantasy V, a single Gil Turtle is fought as an optional boss in the Gil Cave in Galuf's World. It has a green body and three white claws on each foot. During the battle, besides being able to use regular attacks, Gil Turtle can use two abilities, Earthquake, where it inflicts Earth-elemental damage to all party members and Turtle, where it attacks two party members and inflicts them with various status effects.

Starting with the Final Fantasy V Advance release, another Gil Turtle can be fought in the River of Souls portion of the Sealed Temple.

Final Fantasy II (remakes)[edit]

Gil Snapper FF2 GBA sprite.png
Final Fantasy II (PSP) sprite

In Final Fantasy II, starting with the Game Boy Advance version, Gil Snappers are encountered as enemies on floors B1-B3 of the bonus dungeon, Raqia. They are significantly weaker than the boss in Final Fantasy V, and have stats similar to that of an average enemy. As per their name, Gil Snappers still yield a large gil reward when defeated. Gil Snappers have dark blue skin, and are depicted as wearing a spiked shell. In the Game Boy Advance version, Gil Snappers have an orange shell, but starting with the PlayStation Portable release, their shell was changed to red.

Final Fantasy IV (remakes)[edit]

Gilgamesh FF4 GBA sprite.png
Final Fantasy IV Advance sprite

In Final Fantasy IV, starting with the Game Boy Advance version, Gil Snappers are enemies that only appear in a bonus dungeon, Lunar Ruins, which does not appear in the 3D remake. This is similar to how they only appear in a bonus dungeon in Final Fantasy II's remakes. Gil Snappers are green like their boss counterpart in Final Fantasy V, but are slightly brighter. Gil Snappers' claws were made a lot longer, and they have four on each foot. They also have red eyes. Gil Snappers' stats were significantly increased to become similar to theirs from Final Fantasy V, although they reward a lot more experience points than in their earlier appearances.

In Final Fantasy IV Advance, they are named Gilgamesh, which was mistranslated from the original Japanese name. The name was changed to Gil Snapper in subsequent releases.


Final Fantasy V stats
Level HP MP Strength Defense Evasion Magic Magic Defense Gil EXP Type
57 32,768 8,000 115 40 40 90 55 5,000 0 Undead
Steal Drops
Hi-Potion, Potion None
Immune to Weakness Absorbs Immunity
Holy Ice Fire, Lightning, Poison, Earth, Wind, Water Darkness, Poison, Mini, Toad, Petrify, Death, Silence, Berserk, Confuse, Paralyze, Sleep, Old, Stop
Final Fantasy II stats
Rank HP MP Attack Accuracy Defense Evasion Magic Defense Gil
5 200 0 40 9-75 15 0 1-50 1,500-3,000
Treasure Weakness Resistance Absorbs
None Ice Lightning, Poison None
Final Fantasy IV stats
HP Strength Defense Magic Magic Defense Gil EXP Type Treasure
30,710 175 6 101 254 62,500 63,000 Insect X-Potion, Bestiary, Lunar Curtain, Maxmilian
Weakness Resistance Absorbs
Ice Poison, Blind, Silence, Pig, Mini, Toad, Petrify,
Death, Berserk, Confuse, Sleep, Paralyze, Curse, Slowing Petrify

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