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Werewolf FF PSP sprite.png
Final Fantasy PSP sprite
First appearance Final Fantasy
Species Wolf
Other names WrWOLF (Final Fantasy NES)
Related characters and species
Dark Wolf
Warg Wolf
Wild Nakk
Winter Wolf

Werewolf is an enemy in the Final Fantasy series, and it debuts in the first Final Fantasy game. It is a variant of Wolf.

Game appearances[edit]

Final Fantasy[edit]

In Final Fantasy, Werewolves can be found on the world map and in certain caves. Like Wolves, Werewolves are often encountered in packs. They resemble Wolves but are stronger, as their attacks can inflict poison on the Warriors of Light, and Werewolves regenerate 3 HP every turn. Werewolves are found surrounding areas of Pravoka, Elfheim, Marsh Cave, Cavern of Ice, and Mount Gulg. Werewolves are also found inside of Marsh Cave (floors B2 and B3), the Cavern of Earth (floors B2–B4) and its outer surrounding area, Southern Marsh, and present-day Chaos Shrine.

In the original Nintendo Entertainment System version, their name is formatted WrWOLF, a shortening of WEREWOLF[1][2]. In the Nintendo Entertainment System and MSX2 versions, Werewolves have an entirely green body, pink claws, and pink eyes. In the WonderSwan Color and PlayStation releases, Werewolves have a dark gray body, along with an olive green back and tail. In the Game Boy Advance version, Werewolves' sprite was significantly brightened. Starting with the PlayStation Portable release, Werewolves have spikes on their back.

Final Fantasy V[edit]

A werewolf is one of Galuf's allies from his world, who is trying to protect the crystal from shattering but is constantly thwarted by Karnak Castle's guards, who think he is a thief. The werewolf manages to get inside the crystal chamber, meeting Galuf, Bartz Klauser, Lenna Charlotte Tycoon, and Faris Schweriz and explaining the situation. Someone disguised as a guard operates a switch to draw more power from the crystal, making its shattering certain. The chamber begins to collapse and erupt in flames as the crystal begins to overload and the chamber erupting, the werewolf attempting to hold back the last tube trying to draw more power, telling the party to protect the Earth Crystal, dying in the flames.


# Enemy name
HP 68 Attack 14 Accuracy 17 Defense 6
Agility 21 Intelligence 8 Evasion 42 Magic Defense 45
Spells N/A Weakness N/A Resistance N/A Type N/A
Gil 67 EXP 135 Treasure N/A

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Final Fantasy[edit]


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