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Lenna Charlotte Tycoon

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Lenna Charlotte Tycoon
Lenna FF5 artwork.jpg
Artwork from Final Fantasy V
Rena Sharurotto Taikūn
Birthplace Tycoon
Age 19
Height 5'4" (1.63 m)
Weight 99 lbs (44 kg)
Occupation Princess

Lenna Charlotte Tycoon is one of the main characters of Final Fantasy V. She is a princess with a typical kind, smart and free-spirited personality. Lenna's father is Alexander Highwind Tycoon, a king residing in Tycoon Castle. In the PlayStation version, her name is Reina.


Bartz first encounters Lenna by the Tycoon meteor, where he is momentarily sidetracked by a group of goblins. After Bartz defeats them, she admits that since the wind stopped, her father had gone to the Wind Temple and been missing for quite some time. They then meet a mysterious old man with amnesia whose only memory is his name, Galuf. Lenna then continues on her journey to the Wind Temple with Galuf. However, before she can even make it to the shore, a group of goblins attack and she has to be resued once again.

In the nearby cave, the three of them are captured by a group of pirates. Their leader, Faris discovers that Lenna wears the same pendent she does, and curiosity gets the best of him and he releases them. Faris then agrees to aid them on their quest to the Wind Temple. When they finally make it to the top of the tower, Lenna is shocked to find that her father is being controlled by X-Death. Then Wind crystal shatters, and her father disappears. She is deeply saddened by this because she thinks her father is dead now. However, more important issues arise when she is revealed to be one of the four Warriors of the Dawn, and receives powers from the crystal shards. She then must set aside her own feelings and continue on to the other temples to save the remaining crystals.

Later, the group is shipwrecked and ends up in a place called the Ship Graveyard, and Faris is revealed to be a girl in disguise. She did this because she had been found by pirates when she was younger and had to disguise herself as a boy so they would take her in and allow her to be part of the crew. It is later revealed that Faris is in fact her long lost sister Sarisa who was lost at sea many years before.

Lenna has a particular liking for dragons and animals in general. This is evident when the team climbs to the top of North Mountain and she risks her life in order to save the last Dragon. You later hear a story about Lenna when she was little. Her mother was very ill, and the only way to cure her was with a dragon's tongue. After hearing this, despite her great love for animals, Lenna rushed out to the royal dragon with a knife and was prepared to cut off its tongue. This would have killed the dragon, but at the last moment her father stopped her, and her mother passed away.

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