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Wind drake

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Wind drakes (飛竜, hiryū, lit. flying dragon) are a species of friendly dragons which appear in a few Final Fantasy games. Wind drakes first appear in Final Fantasy V, where they also make their most prominent appearance.


Final Fantasy V[edit]

In Final Fantasy V, wind drakes are nearly extinct, and there is only one in both Bartz's World and Galuf's World each, both of whom get severely injured during the journey. The wind drake in Bartz's World is named Hiryu, and is owned by King Alexander Highwind Tycoon. Lenna had planned to cut out Hiryu's tongue when she was younger in order to save her mother, but Jenica convinced her that her mother loved the drake enough to die rather than sacrifice it. The wind drake in Galuf's World is unnamed, and is owned by Galuf's granddaughter, Krile.

In Bartz's World, the party finds Hiryu on North Mountain and treats its wounds with Dragon Grass. After doing so, they can use Hiryu as a means of transportation; the dragon can land on flat grass, but cannot fly over mountains. Although Hiryu is sucked into the Void, it manages to save Lenna, and seemingly sacrifices itself when Lenna is possessed by a monster from the Void called Melusine. It barely makes it to the Phoenix Tower, and later sacrifices itself to become a Phoenix (which can be used as a summon in battle).

In Galuf's World, a wind drake helps Galuf infiltrate Exdeath's Castle to save Bartz, Lenna, and Faris. It later helps carry the four from Gloceana to Bal Castle. However, doing so strains the already wounded wind drake. The party must treat it with Dragon Grass to save it from dying. The wind drake later helps the party escape the Void in the ending after it is sucked in just before the final battle.

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