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Exdeath FF5 artwork.jpg
Final Fantasy V artwork
Birthplace Great Forest of Moore
Gender Male
Species Tree

Exdeath is a wizard and the main antagonist of Final Fantasy V. In the PlayStation version, his name is formatted X-Death.


Final Fantasy V[edit]

In Final Fantasy V, after being defeated by the four Dawn Warriors (Galuf, Zeza, Drogan, and Kelga), he was imprisoned within the first world; he is sealed by the power of the crystals. He was sealed 30 years prior to the game's events. At this time, he shatters the four crystals one by one, just before the party can save them. After destroying the fourth crystal, Exdeath is released and returns to Galuf's World.

Here, he returns to his castle. Bartz, Reina, and Faris are captured shortly after warping to his world. They are used as hostages to keep Galuf and his army from attacking. It is protected by a powerful barrier that is generated by four towers surrounding the castle. To attack the castle and defeat Exdeath, the heroes must destroy one of the towers to disable the barrier.

Exdeath is later revealed to be an actual tree. In Galuf's World, the four crystals are contained in the Elder Tree in the Great Forest of Moore. Exdeath destroys these crystals, because they are holding the two worlds apart, as they were once a single world, but were separated. He kills Galuf, who tries to defend the crystals and his friends. By doing so, the two worlds recombine, and Exdeath gains access to the power that is the void between them, the Interdimensional Rift. He utilizes this power to great destruction, effectively annihilating Tycoon Castle, Bartz's hometown, and other locations. Evenutally, during a battle against the Warriors of the Crystal, the Void turns against Exdeath and devours him.

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