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Faris Scherwiz

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Faris Scherwiz
Faris Schweriz artwork FFV Amano.jpg

Birthplace Tycoon
Hometown Pirate's Cove
Gender Female
Species Human
Affiliation Pirates, Warriors of Light
Family Lenna (sister)
Alexander Highwind Tycoon (father)

Faris Scherwiz, real name Sarisa Scherwil Tycoon, is the long-lost sister of Lenna Charlotte Tycoon. She was found by pirates, pretended to be a male and eventually became their captain.


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Faris' design is drastically different in Yoshitaka Amano's and Kazuko Shibuya's design of the character...


Faris can be very rowdy due to her pirate upbringing at a young age, leading her to also have no qualms for selling royalty for ransom. Despite this, she is still capable of kindness; after agreeing to accompany the party to the Wind Shrine she quickly acts as an older sister to Lenna, protecting her from harm and comforting her in moments of grief.


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Faris is formally introduced when she discovers Bartz Klauser, Galuf, and Lenna attempting to steal their ship from her to sail the wind crystal. She states her intention to sell Lenna for ransom, but when she reveals her family's pendant and notices that her pendant is the same as Faris' own, she instead orders them to be tied up and left in the ship's brig overnight, pondering over the similarity between their pendants. The next morning, Faris decides to accompany them to the Wind Shrine. When Lenna questions of how they will get there, she calls forth Syldra, a sea creature who is a part of thr ship and has been Faris' closest friend. After Bartz receives the canal key to open the way to the Water Crystal and prevent it from shattering, they are stopped by Faris' pirate crew who request to come along but are rebuffed by Faris and told to watch the hideout as the journey seems to be a long one.

The party are attacked by a large canal monster, who creates a whirlpool to kill the party. However, Syldra sacrifices its life by dislodging itself from the ship so that it isn't taken into the whirlpool; Faris tries to convince Syldra not to, but too late; leaving Faris grief-stricken dur8ng their drifting. The party reaches a ship graveyard and attempt to escape, and during their course Faris is questioning if they have to swim, to the mockery of Bartz.

A bit later they go to dry off, Faris refusing to do so. Bartz and Galuf attempt to remove her clothes and are thrown to thr side, but not before discovering that Faris is actually female. Reveals her reasoning for doing so and demands if the party have anything against her; none do. The next morning, Faris brashly wakes them up, leaving Galuf wishing she'd do so more tenderly; Bartz and Lenna laugh and state that this is simply how Faris is and nothing will change that.

As they near the exit to the graveyard, the party are stopped by a Siren and are transfixed by images of relatives; Lenna and Faris both put into a trance by an apparition of Alexander Highwind Tycoon, Lenna's father. Galuf remains unphased as his lack of memory prevents the image of Krile from entrancing him, and after he refuses to leave his friends behind, he quite quite literally knocks some sense into them before they enter combat with the Siren.

As the party look for ways to head to Walse, they hear of reports of a dragon; listening to the eyewitness, Lenna states that it must be Hiryu, the wind drake that belongs to Faris's father, to Faris' surprise as it being there, Lenna saying that it must be due to being hurt. The party go to find and save Hiryu to ride him to Walse. Faris witnesses Lenna getting struck by Magissa's poisonous arrow meant for Hiryu, the wind drake of Lenna's father. After hearing Magissa's desire to give Lenna as a gift for her husband, Faris insults her and runs to save Lenna, slipping after getting caught in a landslide and climbing back up from the side, creating a tightrope with Bartz to get across the chasm and fight Magissa, Lenna thanking Faris in the aftermath. The party find Hiryu wounded and Lenna goes across the poisonous grass to reach the Dragon Grass, the only thing that can heal a dragon.

After the party rescues Hiryu, the player is able to go to Tycoon, where the party can learn about a second princess named Sarisa, who was lost in a shipwreck. After the party decide to rest in Tycoon, Lenna finds Faris standing outside the balcony, calling her "sister" as she makes the connections. Faris attempts to laugh this off but then runs away.


Another visit to Tycoon triggers another flashback, showing a young Sarisa telling stories and sleeping next to a very young Lenna a


The party is informed by Cid that Alexander has been found in Gohn, the abandoned village, and they go to investigate. After being led around the area by the king (who is currently being controlled by Exdeath), they corner him and both Lenna and Faris greet him, calling him "papa", before falling into the Ronkan Ruins.



In the floating ruins, the party chases the king (unaware of him being controlled by Exdeath) until they finally catch up to him, who brashly demand that they defeat the guardian of the Earth Crystal, Archeoaevis. After defeating it, the king goes to shatter the crystal but is stopped and comes to his senses, recognizing both Lenna and Faris, the latter as his thought to be dead daughter, Sarisa.


  • Faris' true sex is alluded to several times:
    • An optional scene in Tule alludes to Faris being female with Bartz and Galuf peeking in on her while she's asleep and finding her attractive.
    • A townsperson in Tule says that the canal monster only attacks women; the monster does indeed attack only Faris and Lenna in combat.
    • Gilgamesh's dialogue before transforming refers to ”ladies who dress like men".
    • Although her pirate crew are unaware of Faris being female, one of the pirates is attracted to her, stating that she is "so dreamy" when spoken to in Tule's pub, and struggling to confess his feelings in the Pirate's Hideout.
  • Faris has significantly different dialogue in Final Fantasy Anthology, a reissue of Final Fantasy V and' VI for the PlayStation:
    • Faris has a "pirate accent" that is especially stronger than how her dialogue is translated in later versions.
    • In Anthology she states that the pirates wouldn't take her seriously if they knew she was female. In Final Fantasy V Advance, she instead says that she didn't want to be the only woman surrounded by pirates.
  • Faris sometimes refers to herself as male on accident (like in the scene revealing her lineage) and is still mistaken as male by other characters (namely Magissa).
  • Despite neither knowing they are siblings by this point, Lenna and Faris seem to understand each other as they become transfixed by the siren's illusion of their father.