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Jill Warrick

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Jill Warrick
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Jill Warrick

Jill Warrick FFXVI artwork.png
Artwork of Jill as an adult in Final Fantasy XVI

Jill Warrick young FFXVI artwork.png
Artwork of Jill as a child in Final Fantasy XVI

Jiru Wārikku
Birthplace Northern Territories
Age 30
Gender Female
Species Human
Weapon(s) Rapier
Affiliation Grand Duchy of Rosaria
Occupation Dominant of Shiva
English voice actor Susannah Fielding (young adult)
Charlotte McBurney (child)
Japanese voice actor Megumi Han

Jill Warrick is a main character of Final Fantasy XVI. She is a childhood friend of Clive and Joshua Rosfield and the Dominant of the Shiva.



Jill was taken from the Northern Territories at a young age to become a ward of Rosaria.

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