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Artwork of Refia for Final Fantasy III (3D remake)

Hometown Ur
Gender Male
Species Human

Luneth is one of the 4 party members in the remake of Final Fantasy III and the first party member.


Luneth was one of the four children rescued from the lowerworld by Cid Haze as it was frozen in darkness. He was subsequently taken to the Floating Continent and raised in Ur alongside his childhood friend Arc. With an ever-adventurous spirit, Luneth sets out from Ur when an earthquake strikes, sending him plunneting into the Altar Cave where, after exploring a bit, he encounters a giant turtle named Land Turtle that attacks him. Upon defeating the turtle, Luneth is told by the Wind Crystal that the forces of Darkness threaten the world, and that he has been chosen to fight on behalf of light and maintain balance. The Crystal asks him to assemble people with the same destiny to fight with him. Upon receiving this news, Luneth returns to Ur where his mother and father give him their blessings and well wishes to embark on his journey. Later on, after joining forces with the blacksmith's daughter Refia, his childhood friend Arc, and the knight Ingus and defeating the demon Djinn, The Crystal summons them back and tells them that they are the fabled Warriors of Light.



  • Luneth's implied canon job as shown in official illustrations and the FMV animations is Warrior