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Cid Haze

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Cid Haze is a supporting character in Final Fantasy III and its remake. He is an expert engineer who at one time worked for the king of Argus Castle. He thus follows in the tradition of others named Cid throughout the greater series.


Cid had gone to Kazus when the earthquake that unsealed Djinn struck and was rendered a ghost. The Warriors of Light meet him in the inn, whereupon Cid tells them he wants to get home, and that he will lend his airship, located in the desert south of Ur, to help them break the curse. A large boulder also bars the way to Canaan, where Cid lives and takes care of Mrs. Cid, his wife. In the 3D remake, Luneth and Arc go to where the airship is hidden and find the rebellious Refia stowed away on the vessel.

After felling Djinn and lifting his curse, the Warriors of Light visit Kazus' smithy, where the owner agrees to create a mythril ram to shatter the boulder. The ram is fitted, and the party boards the airship to smash the boulder, but the airship is destroyed. All have survived and travel on foot to Canaan, where Cid departs for his home in the northwest of the city. Mrs. Cid has taken ill and needs an Elixir to recover. Cid mentions there may be some in town. Having found a vial of the precious restorative on the town riverbanks, the party rushes back to deliver it to Mrs. Cid. With her restored to full health, the couple grants the party access to their basement storehouse.

Upon retrieving the Wheel of Time from Argus Castle, Cid installs it into the galleon Enterprise to allow the party to use the vessel as an airship, with which they can explore the lowerworld. Cid reveals at this time that it was he who rescued the four warriors as young children when Xande froze and submerged the lowerworld in darkness.

As the party later falls to a curse in the Crystal Tower, Cid is among the brave souls called to free them from the curse.

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In the 3D remake, Cid is a functional guest character, supporting the party with a hammer attack or a casting of Fire at random per round.