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Saronia (Final Fantasy III)

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Saronia is a massive nation-state in Final Fantasy III that occupies the eastern third of the Surface World's western continent. Revered for its scholars and its dragoon forces, it was ruled over by King Gorn before the Surface World was submerged and frozen in time.


When Saronia resurfaced, so too did Xande's servant Garuda. The demon-bird took the form of a chancellor named Gigametz and manipulated the king into starting a civil war between its troops. Gorn further ordered all shops except the weapons shops to be locked down, and any who spoke out against the war--as well as the losing faction---were to be executed. The citizenry scattered throughout the city's four quadrants, and even the young Prince Alus Restor was exiled for attempting to reason with his father.

The Warriors of Light fly to Saronia on their Enterprise and are promptly shot down by cannonfire from both sides, obliterating the ship. Alus has gone missing, but witnesses say the prince is in the local pub. Surely enough, the four warriors find him there, assailed by a gang of hooligans that the party steps in to subdue. In thanks, Alus joins the party, intent on stopping the war for good. With Alus in tow, some citizens offer smuggled arms to the party while others report seeing a bird-like shadow hovering over the area.

After a brief chat with the castle guard, Alus and co. are permitted inside the castle and are invited to rest. Gorn and Gigametz enter by nightfall, with the latter ordering the former to kill his own son with the knife given to him. Gorn breaks free with Alus' assistance, but turns the blade on himself, ashamed at what he was about to do. Enraged and with no one to control, Gigametz casts off his disguise and reverts to Garuda. He challenges the warriors, but is slain.

With none left to rule Saronia, Alus must assume his father's throne. In the 3D remake, he develops a kinship with Arc, who spurs him on toward his rightful destiny. In thanks for saving his kingdom, the newly-minted monarch orders his scholars to release the super-fast Nautilus airship. With this, the four warriors can now break the high winds of Dalg to the south.

Other quests[edit]

  • Before taking on Garuda, the player may wish to climb the Dragon Spire to train as many Dragoons as possible. Using the hints given in town, it should be possible to train all four heroes as Dragoons, or create 2-3 dual-wielding Dragoons with the provided gear.
  • The spirit of Odin rests in the catacombs beneath the castle. To get there, Doga will have to turn the Nautilus into a submarine.

Exploring the city[edit]

Northeastern Saronia[edit]

Northwestern Saronia[edit]

Southeastern Saronia[edit]

Southwestern Saronia[edit]

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