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Artwork of Arc for Final Fantasy III (3D remake)

Hometown Ur
Gender Male
Species Human

Arc is one of the 4 party members in the remake of Final Fantasy III and the second party member.


Arc was rescued from the lowerworld by Cid Haze and raised in Ur alongside his childhood friend Luneth. More meek than Luneth, he hears of a rumor of ghosts in another town and seeks to prove himself after some bullies taunt him. After Luneth meets up with him in Kazus he begs to go with him on his journey. Later on, after joining forces with the blacksmith's daughter Refia, and the knight Ingus and defeating the demon Djinn, liberating Kazus from the ghost curse, The Wind Crystal summons them and christens him and the others as the fabled Warriors of Light.


Arc is generally timid and reserved, and a bookworm. In the beginning he says in inner monologue that he wants to prove himself without relying on Luneth to save him.


  • Arc's implied canon job in official illustrations and the FMV animations is Black Mage