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Castle Sasune

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Castle Sasune is a location in Final Fantasy III and its 3D remake. This fortification is the seat of government for the east-central portion of the Floating Continent including the villages of Ur and Kazus to its east and Canaan to its southwest. It is ruled over by its eponymous king and his daughter, Princess Sara Altney, whose bloodline has protected the region for generations through the crafting of mythril arms and artifacts.


An earthquake on the Floating Continent has broken the seal upon the Djinn. In vengeance, the demon turns most of the kingdom's people into ghosts. Upon learning of this, Sara makes for the Sealed Cave and is presumed missing when she does not return to the castle. In the 3D remake, this prompts knight retainer Ingus to search for her and request aid in the search. Luneth and co. agree to help, as they are looking for a means to dispel the Djinn's curse. Ingus joins the party. Upon speaking with the cursed king, the party is given the kingdom's canoe in order to cross the lake that leads to the cave.

Upon entering the cave, Sara is found alone and unharmed, and tells the party of her intent to reseal the Djinn with her Mythril Ring. She agrees to allow the party to escort her. When the five reach Djinn's altar, Sara presents her ring; but the Djinn is empowered by dark energy and refuses to submit. Instead, he taunts and engages the five in battle. The warriors manage to weaken him so that Sara is at last able to use the ring. Meanwhile, the four youths are warped back to the Altar Cave to be blessed by the Wind Crystal. When they return, they are able to escort Sara back to the castle, where she tells them to throw the ring in a holy font located in the basement to lift the curse. Sara then leaves for her chambers, later returning to see Ingus off on his new quest with the others.

Other quests[edit]

  • The castle's east tower serves as a training ground, particularly for Red Mages. Find the Wightslayer at the summit after beating a batch of Griffons.
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