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Artwork of Refia for Final Fantasy III (3D remake)

Hometown Kazus
Gender Female
Species Human

Refia is one of the four party members in the remake of Final Fantasy III and the sole female party member, replacing the third of four nameless orphans in the original. She is the daughter of a blacksmith in Kazus and joins the party to end a curse on the town transforming her father and everyone else into ghosts.


Along with Luneth, Arc, and Ingus, Refia was rescued from the lowerworld by Cid Haze some years back before Xande froze it in darkness to halt his own aging and progress toward death. She was taken to the Floating Continent and raised in Kazus by the smith Takka. But, as she grew up, Refia was displeased with her father's strict training and frequently ran off to avoid it. This, as it happens, worked in her favor the day Kazus was cursed by the evil Djinn that was supposed to have been sealed; she had stowed away on Cid's airship in the desert south of Ur when Luneth and Arc found her.


Refia has elements of a tsundere and often criticizes Luneth. She is a wanderer in the beginning, which suggests her being a free spirit. She hates toads, which gives her shudders when she hears the party will need to become toads to pass through certain areas.


  • Refia's implied canon job in official illustrations and the FMV animated scenes is White Mage