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Altar Cave

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The Altar Cave is the first dungeon in Final Fantasy III, and home to the Wind Crystal.

Final Fantasy III (3D remake)[edit]

In the 3D remake, the game begins with, one character alone, Luneth falling into the cave. He is quickly attacked by Goblins. Items like the Leather Shield, Antarctic Wind and the Longsword can be found in chests, and there is a pond which heals you fully. After exploring a bit he enters a large room where he encounters a giant turtle named Land Turtle that attacks him. Upon defeating the turtle, Luneth is told by a floating Crystal that darkness will engulf the world, and that he has been chosen to fight on behalf of light and maintain balance. The Crystal asks him to assemble people with the same destiny to fight with him. Later on, after joining forces with the blacksmith's daughter Refia, his childhood friend Arc, and the knight Ingus and defeating the demon Djinn, the party is whisked back to a previously inaccessible part of the cave, with new items. The Crystal tells them that they are the fabled Warriors of Light and bestows on them the ability to change Jobs.

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