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Land Turtle

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Land Turtle
Land Turtle FF3 artwork.jpg
Artwork of the Land Turtle boss from Final Fantasy III by Yoshitaka Amano
First appearance Final Fantasy II (1988)
Species Turtle
Related characters and species
Gil Snapper

Land Turtles are turtle enemies which appear in some Final Fantasy games, often as a weaker relative of Adamantoises. They first appear in Final Fantasy II.


Final Fantasy series[edit]

Final Fantasy II[edit]

Land Turtle FF2 PSP sprite.png
Final Fantasy II (PSP) sprite

In Final Fantasy II, Land Turtles are encountered in a few areas. The party first encounters one at Semitt Falls (floor B5) as a monster-in-a-box guarding the Teleport Tome. Land Turtles also appear in Kashuan Keep (floors 1F-5F), the area surrounding Fynn, on the island Deist, Deist Cavern (floor B1), and the Arcane Labyrinth's Dragoons, Mythril, and Wyverns rooms. In battle, Land Turtles are vulnerable to Ice attacks. They are a weaker variation of Adamantoise and, starting with the Game Boy Advance remake, Gil Snappers.

They are named Spiketoise in the PlayStation release and B.Turtle in the unreleased Nintendo Entertainment System prototype.

In the original Famicom release, Land Turtles are depicted as turquoise. In subsequent reissues, they are depicted as light green, but since the PlayStation Portable release, they have been changed back to turquoise.

Final Fantasy III[edit]

Land Turtle FF3 FC sprite.png
Final Fantasy III (Famicom) sprite

In Final Fantasy III, the Land Turtle is the first boss, and it is located at the end of the Altar Cave. In the 3D remake, it is only fought by Luneth, as he is the only one who fell into the Altar Cave. Unlike in Final Fantasy II, the Land Turtle is not weak to Ice-based attacks, although the Antarctic Wind can deal a lot of damage to defeat it more quickly.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest[edit]

Land Turtle FFMQ sprite.png

In Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Land Turtles are encountered in the Wintry Cave. They are depicted as having a dark blue body and shell. Land Turtles are vulnerable to Water, Wind, and Axe attacks. If a Land Turtle is low on health, its sprite shows it hiding within its own shell. A Land Turtle has 270 HP, and can use four abilities: Body Slam, Bite, Para-Claw, and Rapier. The reward for defeating each Land Turtle is 144 EXP and 6 GP.


Final Fantasy II stats
Rank HP MP Attack Accuracy Defense Evasion Magic Defense Gil
3 140 0 35 2-65 35 0 2-50 37-300
Treasure Weakness Resistance Absorbs
Mythril Shield Ice Lightning, Poison None
Final Fantasy III stats
Level HP Gil Exp Weakness Attack Defense
4 111 500 20 None 8 6

Bestiary navigation[edit]

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