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Level Forest

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Level Forest
Fumoto no Mori
Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Greater location Mystic Quest World
Unique item(s) Cure Potion, Heal Potion

The Level Forest is a forest area in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. It is the first place that Benjamin visits after leaving the Hill of Destiny. The Level Forest is also the first place where Benjamin encounters and battles regular enemies. Foresta is located to the east of the Level Forest.

Only two types of enemies are encountered in the Level Forest, Brownie and Slime. The boss of the Level Forest is Minotaur.


When Benjamin first enter the Level Forest, he encounters White and asks what his first task is. White tells Benjamin to save the Crystal of Earth and instantly leaves. Benjamin shrugs for a few seconds and finds a nearby old man in front of a boulder. He asks Benjamin to push aside the boulder since it is blocking his way. Benjamin jumps over the old man and pushes the boulder forward. The old man thanks Benjamin and gives him a Tree Wither. Benjamin must take it to Kaeli in Foresta to show that the trees are decaying and to convince her join alongside him.

Back at Level Forest, Kaeli cuts down a small tree with her Axe, allowing the two of them to progress. Benjamin and Kaeli fight some enemies blocking the path as they make their way to the northern exit. Right in front of the exit is a glowing tree. When Kaeli chops at it with her Axe, the tree reveals itself to be a Minotaur in disguise, and Kaeli is poisoned. After the ensuing boss battle, Kaeli faints. Kaeli's mom comes to take her back to Foresta. Just before Kaeli leaves, she gives Benjamin her Axe and tasks him with retrieving the Elixir, which is located in the Sand Temple.


Each treasure chest contains three of an item: