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Game appearance(s) Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Type Town
Greater location Mystic Quest World
Inhabitants Kaeli
Unique area(s) Kaeli's House
Unique item(s) Cure Potion, Cure spell

Foresta is the first town visited in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. It is located in the southwest part of the Mystic Quest World, just outside the Level Forest. Kaeli lives in Foresta.


At first, when Benjamin visits Foresta, it is in a state of decay because the Flamerus Rex took the Earth Crystal, causing its vegetation to die. As he and Kaeli explore the Level Forest, Kaeli gets poisoned by a Minotaur, so she returns home.

Once the Flamerus Rex is defeated, the Earth Crystal is recovered, and Foresta is restored to its original state. Tristam then gives Benjamin an Elixir. Benjamin must return to Foresta with the Elixir and give it to Kaeli to cure her of her poisoning.

In the ending, after the Dark King has been defeated, Benjamin revisits Foresta to ask Captain Mac if he can borrow his ship, as Benjamin desires for some more adventure.


There are three houses in Foresta, and each of them are shaped like a tree trunk. Kaeli lives in the house on the left. There is a small pond in the back, and there are three logs sticking out of the pond. One log is on the left side, and Benjamin can jump on it to reach a small square-shaped island in the lake. The other two logs are on the right side, and can be reached if Benjamin walks across a wooden bridge above the lake. Benjamin can jump from both logs to enter the back of a house, where he can find the Cure spell. A few Cure Potions can also be found in Foresta.