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Dark King

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Dark King
Dark King FFMQ artwork.jpg
Artwork from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest's strategy guide
Dāku Kingu
Gender Male
Affiliation Vile Four
Occupation King
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The Dark King is both the main antagonist and the final boss of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. He is in charge of the Vile Four, and his goal is to throw the Mystic Quest World into ruin. The Dark King lives in the Doom Castle, where he sits on his throne, overseeing the Mystic Quest World. In the end of their journey, both Benjamin and Phoebe enter the Doom Castle to battle the Dark King.

By default, the Dark King has the appearance of a large, green-skinned man dressed in red robes and a crown. As seen in his boss fight, the Dark King can change his form. At first, when the Dark King has taken enough damage, he throws off robe to reveal eight arms, each clutching a different weapon. Further damage causes the Dark King to transform into a giant tarantula with a grinning, bearded, demonic face. His fourth and final stage is akin to the tarantula stage except with spidery limbs in place of his tentacles.


  • During the boss fight, there is a bug where Benjamin can deal heavy amounts of damage to the Dark King by using the Cure spell on him. This only works while the Dark King is in his standard form. Otherwise, if Phoebe uses the Cure spell on any of the Dark King's forms or if Benjamin does on any of the Dark King's alternate forms, then the Dark King's HP is fully restored.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Dämonen König[1] Demon King


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