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This article is about the character from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. For the ability named White in the earlier games, see Holy.
White FFMQ Guide artwork.jpg
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Strategy Guidebook artwork
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation Benjamin
White FFMQ sprite.png

White[1] is an old man and a supporting character in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. He is always seen on a cloud, which he uses to travel around. During his adventure, Benjamin has a few brief encounters with White, who usually provides a hint on where to go next. White usually provides vague information, so after he leaves, Benjamin briefly shows a confused reaction.

White has a long, gray beard, and he wears a brown cloak. A few of White's artworks show him carrying a staff. White's artwork from the Strategy Guidebook shows him wearing a blue cloak.


The opening scene where White shows the Focus Tower to Benjamin

At the very start of his journey, during an earthquake, Benjamin meets White on the Hill of Destiny and asks him what is going on. As the Hill of Destiny is sinking into the ground, White urges Benjamin to follow him. The top of the hill is separated by a small gap, and White, who is on the other side, uses this opportunity to teach Benjamin how to jump.

As White and Benjamin look at the Focus Tower, White tells him of a prophecy stating that a heroic knight will appear at a time when the Vile Four are draining the power of the Crystals, throwing the World into chaos. White tells Benjamin that only he could be the knight spoken of in the prophecy, and tasks him with fulfilling it by saving the four Crystals and the World. A Behemoth suddenly appears, and when Benjamin defeats it, White is certain that Benjamin is the knight foretold in prophecy. When Benjamin asks where he can find the Crystals, White says it is up for him to figure out. As the Hill of Destiny continues to crumble, White says it is becoming dangerous, and instructs Benjamin to follow him to the Level Forest. There, Benjamin asks White what his first task is. Before abruptly leaving, the only thing that White says is to save the Crystal of Earth.

After saving the Crystal of Earth, Benjamin can find White in floor B1 of the Focus Tower. White tells Benjamin that Captain Mac will play a crucial role in his journey. White tells Benjamin that Phoebe can help him. Benjamin argues that he is going to Aquaria, but before leaving, White tells Benjamin that he might find Phoebe along the way.

Benjamin encounters White again at the Libra Temple, when he is with Phoebe. White is aware that Aquaria is frozen in ice, so he gives Benjamin the last of the unfrozen Wakewater to melt the ice there.

After restoring the Crystal of Water, Benjamin returns into the Focus Tower, where he encounters White again. White instructs Benjamin to go find Reuben in Fireburg. Before leaving, White asks what a statue is for; this is meant to suggest that Benjamin can push it around to solve certain puzzles within the tower.

In the ending, after Benjamin defeats the Dark King, White appears again, revealing his true form to be the fifth Crystal, the Crystal of Light. He encourages Benjamin to enjoy all that the world has to offer.


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