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Green Slime

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Green Slime
Green Slime FF PSP sprite.png
Final Fantasy PlayStation Portable sprite
Gurīn Suraimu
First appearance Final Fantasy (1987)
Species Flan
Other names SCUM
Related characters and species
Black Flan
Flan Princess
Gray Ooze
Ochre Jelly
Red Flan
Red Mousse
Yellow Jelly
Not to be confused with Slime.

Green Slimes, sometimes named Slimes, are enemies which are a variant of Flans. They appear as enemies in the earlier Final Fantasy games, and make their debut in Final Fantasy. In several later installments, Green Slimes were replaced with Slimes and other variants of Flan. Like their relatives, Green Slimes have a very high Defense stat, and can only be quickly defeated through the use of certain Black Magic spells or weapons embedded with an element that they are vulnerable to (typically Fire and Ice). Green Slimes can sometimes inflict poison on their target when attacking them.


Final Fantasy series[edit]

Final Fantasy[edit]

In Final Fantasy, Green Slimes are found in Marsh Cave (floors B1-B3), Melmond's surrounding area, Devil's Tail, and the Cavern of Earth (floor B1). In the Nintendo Entertainment System version, they are named SCUM. They are weak to Fire and Ice attacks.

In the Nintendo Entertainment System and MSX2 versions, Green Slimes have a tentacle-like neck extending from the ooze. Their face is on the tip of the tentacle, and they have a tongue sticking out. In the MSX2 version, Green Slimes are a brighter green palette. In the WonderSwan Color, PlayStation, and Game Boy Advance versions, their pose is different, and their neck is thicker and no longer resembles a tentacle. They have white eyes and a longer, red tongue sticking out. In the PlayStation Portable version, Green Slimes' pose was changed to more closely resemble their original one, but with larger, light green eyes and no tongue sticking out.

Final Fantasy II[edit]

Green Slime FF2 PSP sprite.png
Final Fantasy II (PSP) sprite

In Final Fantasy II, Green Slimes are slightly less common, and only appear at Semitt Falls (B2-B5) and the Arcane Labyrinth's Chronicles, Mirror, and Mythril areas. Green Slimes' attacks can sometimes inflict a party member with Venom. In the unreleased Nintendo Entertainment System prototype, they are named Slime.

Like in Final Fantasy, Green Slimes retain their weakness to Fire and Ice moves. Their appearance has been changed to more closely resemble regular Flans, and they are a clump of ooze with red eyes, a large mouth, and two small hands. In the original Famicom release, Green Slimes have a different pose, and they have white eyes and small teeth. In the PlayStation Portable version, Green Slimes have a slightly different pose than in the WonderSwan Color, PlayStation, and Game Boy Advance versions, and their small teeth in the original Famicom version were reinstated.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest[edit]

Slime FFMQ sprite.png

In Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, they are named Slime, although their Japanese name indicates that they are the same entity as Green Slimes. Slimes are only encountered as enemies in Level Forest. Unlike its earlier appearances, Slime is depicted as a faceless blob, although it retains its green coloration. A Slime's damaged sprite shows it being squished.

Slimes have an HP of 55, and each of them reward 72 EXP and 3 GP when defeated. Slimes have two abilities that they can use during battle, Stab and Hydro Acid. Contrary to their earlier appearances, Slimes have the Auto-Reflect ability, which protects them from magic and even reflects such attacks back onto Benjamin or his partner (depending on who used the magic attack).


# Enemy name
HP 24 Attack 1 Accuracy 1 Defense 255
Agility 0 Intelligence 3 Evasion 0 Magic Defense 36
Spells Weakness Fire, Ice Resistance Confusion, Darkness, Death, Lightning, Mind,
Paralysis, Poison, Quake, Silence, Sleep, Stone
Type N/A
Gil 20 EXP 84 Treasure Hi-Potion
Final Fantasy II stats
Rank HP MP Attack Accuracy Defense Evasion Magic Defense Gil
2 10 6 4 1-50 210 0-0% 1-50 4-37
Treasure Weakness Resistance Absorbs
None Fire, Ice Body, Death, Matter, Mind Poison

Bestiary navigation[edit]

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Abyss Worm | Green Slime (#076) | Yellow Jelly


Final Fantasy[edit]

Final Fantasy II[edit]

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest[edit]