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Minwu (Final Fantasy II)

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Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano

Minwu is a White Mage who appears in Final Fantasy II. He comes with a full set of White Magic when he joins the team.

In the PlayStation version, he is named Mindu, and in the unreleased Nintendo Entertainment System prototype, he is named MingWu.


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He is powerful sorcerer who works for Princess/Queen Hilda. He assists Firion and the team for a short time to get some Mithril out of the Semitt Falls. He's the only person who can unlock the seal around the strongest magic spell ever, Ultima, but it's powerful even for him. He leaves the team for most of the game on a personal quest, and he uses all of his power to break the seal when the team finally reaches the top of Mysidian Tower. He dies in the process.

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