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Altair (Final Fantasy II)

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Altair is a town in Final Fantasy II. Located due south of Fynn across a great lake, this remote village becomes the site of the Wild Rose Rebellion's operations in the wake of Fynn's sacking by the Emperor of Palamecia.


After four youths were severely wounded by a cadre of Palamecian Black Knights, three of the four were recovered as the Rebellion escaped Fynn. They were brought to Altair, where a magic sigil mended the trio. As the last of them, Firion came to, Princess Hilda and her court cleric Minwu leave the medical room in order to convene a meeting regarding the Empire's plans for a Dreadnought being built in Bafsk. After the meeting, the trio of would-be heroes makes a desperate plea to join the Rebels, but is denied on grounds that any mission would be far too dangerous. They persist, and are told that Hilda's informant and love interest, Scott, remains in Fynn but has not been heard from in some time, so the youths volunteer to seek him out.

The party then makes the perilous journey to Fynn and past its armed guard to find a bar on the outskirts of town, where a sympathetic barkeep tells them he has been caring for a man in his quarters behind the bar. They find Scott, heavily wounded and barely clinging to life, who then makes a last request to deliver his royal ring to Hilda. The party returns to base in Altair and delivers the grim news of Scott's fate unto Hilda, after which she thanks them and grieves his loss.

The Rebels soon learn that the magical metal mythril, mined in Semitt Falls, may be the key to evening the odds against the Empire. Minwu volunteers himself and his canoe to go there; while inside, the party of four helps to free slaves taken from several adjacent towns, then battles and defeats a Palamecian sergeant for control of the precious ore. Returning to Altair with it, they deliver it to Rebel blacksmith Tobul, who then crafts mythril arms in Altair and several surrounding villages.

Some time later, Hilda's father, the King of Fynn, falls ill, leaving the Princess to command the Rebels and task the party with investigating the Dreadnought and finding a way to stop it, taking Gordon with them to Kashuan Keep to retrieve the eternal Sunfire using Egil's Torch, which they do. Hilda is captured while traveling with Cid and replaced with a doppelganger to bait and trap the party. They subsequently return "Hilda" to base before heading for Castle Deist to meet with the Dragoons there. Along the way, Firion, Maria, and Guy board a ship captained by Leila, who then challenges the trio with her pirate crew. Humbled by her own defeat. Leila joins the Rebels' cause and journeys with them to Deist.

Upon exploring Deist and its cavern, the four return to base to find the fake Hilda, who then attempts to entice Firion and kill him, in the process revealing her true form as a Lamia Queen, which he and the rest of the party slay.

Altair is one of the four towns obliterated when the Emperor calls forth the massive Cyclone in a last-gasp effort to crush the Rebels.

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