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Ricard Highwind

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Ricard Highwind
Ricard Highwind FF2 artwork.jpg
Final Fantasy II artwork
Richādo Haiuindo
Hometown Deist
Job class Dragoon
Gender Male
Species Human
Weapon(s) Spears, Swords

Ricard Highwind is a party member in Final Fantasy II. In the game, he is the last surviving Dragoon from the island of Deist. Contrarily, Ricard is the first Dragoon to appear in the overall Final Fantasy franchise, and is also the first character to have Highwind as his last name. The second character with the last name, Kain Highwind of Final Fantasy IV, wears an armor strongly resembling that of Ricard's.

In the Final Fantasy Origins release, he is named Gareth, and in the unreleased Nintendo Entertainment System prototype, he is named Edward.


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The party first meets Ricard in the belly of Leviathan, where he reveals that he is also after the Ultima scroll. When he returns to Deist, he discovers that he is the only Dragoon left, aside from a young boy named Kain, whose father had recently been killed. Ricard tells the boy he will care for him in his real father's place. However, Ricard is later killed by the emperor in hell when he rescues Firion, Maria, Guy and Leonhart by summoning his dragon.

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