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Guy FF2 artwork.jpg
Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
First appearance Final Fantasy II (1988)
Latest appearance Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster (2021)
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation Firion

Guy is one of the main characters of Final Fantasy II and one of the main party members. A young man of imposing stature, Guy is in truth a gentle giant among the three heroes. In the PlayStation version, his name is Gus.

Raised in the wild among wolves, Guy possesses the ability to speak with animals, including beavers; but he did not learn to speak as a human until much later in life, thus he has the mannerisms of a primitive man. Before the events of the story, he was taken in by Maria's family and grew up in Fynn alongside Firion and Leon. Guy was forced to escape with his siblings when the Emperor of Palamecia sacked the castle city and claimed it as his own, but was brutally wounded by a detachment of Black Knights before he was evacuated by the Wild Rose Rebellion to their stronghold in the town of Altair. From then on, Guy and his siblings, less Leon, strive to join the Rebels and thwart the Emperor's quest for total dominion of the world.

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