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Leon FF2 artwork.jpg
Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
First appearance Final Fantasy II (1988)
Latest appearance Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster (2021)
Hometown Fynn
Job class Dark Knight
Gender Male
Species Human
This article is about one of the main characters of Final Fantasy II. For the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII who is named Leon in the Kingdom Hearts series, see Squall Leonhart.

Leon is one of the main characters of Final Fantasy II and one of the main party members. In the unreleased Nintendo Entertainment System prototype, is name is Leonhart (a direct translation of his Japanese name), which would later become the last name for Final Fantasy VIII's main protagonist, Squall Leonhart.


Leon grew up in the town of Fynn with his sister Maria, and his friends Firion and Guy. He disappears after the attack on the Fynn, and is later revealed to be a Dark Knight under Emperor Mateus's spell. Later in the game, the spell is broken and he reunites with his friends to fight against the very empire he had until then been working for. He is the strongest of the four, however due to the leveling up system, he ends up being about as strong as Firion or Guy. He harbors great remorse for his actions as the Emperor's puppet and even though he had no control of himself, he still somehow thinks he is to blame for all the destruction he caused.


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